Here you’ll find a master archive of lists. Lists about books and music, the good the bad and the just plain weird.

The Master Book Archive

Any book that has been blogged about is in this list. Literally anything from a review to the first posts from my ENG220 class.

The Book Counts

Annual lists of the books that I read each year.

2014 | 2015

What Should I Read Next?

My TBR list. Fiction, stand alone, series, non-fiction, and books to re-read. Feel Free to recommend books to me in the comments!

Top 10s

10 Books That Changed Me As a Reader

Books can be inspiring, entertaining, and life-changing. But books that actually change the reading process? That’s something else entirely.

10 Underrated Young Adult Romances

Because YA fiction is full of classic love triangles, cheesy pick up lines, and hardcore shipping; but there are couples that are forgotten under the waves of Romione and Peeta/Katniss.


Sentences I Never Thought I’d Have To Write

My Childhood in Books

To add to the 10 Books That Changed Me As a Reader, my childhood was full of books, and here’s a list of most of them. For BookBlogWriMo 2014.

2014 BookBlogWriMo

Others can have NaNoWriMo, November 2014 was the month I took up BookBlogWriMo, hosted by Book Bumblings. Each day I published a post according to the given prompt, and a list of them and their prompts are in this post! I write a lot about my blogging and reading habits during this challenge, and I learned a lot from it.

High Fives For 2014

A series of Top 5 lists for 2014.


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