The Playlist | Yuri On Ice by Taro Umebayashi

When I study, I usually listen to one album or one song on repeat. A while ago, that was the Your Name soundtrack, which I played on repeat during midterms. For finals, I made a playlist of soundtracks from both anime and movies (that I still need to properly refine), but sometimes I would just… Continue reading The Playlist | Yuri On Ice by Taro Umebayashi


The Playlist | Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)

Whenever people ask me what my favourite genre of music is, I usually respond by saying, "Anything but rap, country, and screamo." And this usually holds true, and then Hamilton came into my life and there was no going back. "Immigrants, we get the job done," is one of the most iconic lines in the… Continue reading The Playlist | Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)

The Playlist | Kimi No Na Wa Soundtrack by RADWIMPS

One of the best things to listen to while studying is movie soundtracks. They are perfect background music, enough to keep me engaged, but not enough to distract me. I recently watched the latest Japanese blockbuster, Kimi no na wa, or, Your Name. If you like anime and are in the mood for a mystery/romance, then I… Continue reading The Playlist | Kimi No Na Wa Soundtrack by RADWIMPS

The Playlist | Shelter by Porter Robinson

I don't usually watch anime shorts. But this one is totally worth it. The story is of Rin, a girl alone in a world that she alone controls with her tablet, until one day she gets a message, the first in seven years... Saying more would spoil it. But, suffice to say, the song stayed… Continue reading The Playlist | Shelter by Porter Robinson

The Playlist | Amerika by Young The Giant Favourite band + New song = the only thing I listen to all Friday I've made it not secret that my favourite band is Young the Giant. They haven't made a single song that I disliked, and I have been dying for a third album since my high from their second album, Mind Over… Continue reading The Playlist | Amerika by Young The Giant