10 Awesome Things That Happened in My 2016

the short storyBecause 2016 wasn’t all that bad…

…despite being really bad.
the long storySo, most of us can agree that 2016 was a dumpster fire that needs to be put out and disposed of. From an onslaught of celebrity deaths, to terrorist attacks, to wars, to Brexit, to one of the most shocking American elections, to the servers being down in Pokemon Go, 2016 was pretty much one bad event after another.

But there was also that weird dimension where everyone seemed to have a really crappy year on a really personal level. And I don’t really want to get into it, but this year did kind of suck, beyond the worst semester of my life.

Except, some pretty awesome stuff happened this past year, on a global and personal level. And while its easy to search the internet for all the awesome things that happened internationally this year, it doesn’t alleviate the personal level of suck this year had to offer.

So here’s a list I made for myself: 10 awesome things that happened in my 2016.

Working in cancer research

My second work placement was this year and I got to work in a lab at BC Cancer. I can’t go into a lot of details about what exactly I did, but I learned so much and worked with some really excellent people. I learned a lot about not just research, but what I like doing and gained insight about what I want in the future.

Going to my first concert

For my birthday, my sister took me to my first concert, of my favourite band in the entire world: Young The Giant. It was such an amazing experience to watch my favourite band live, with everyone cheering and dancing and singing along.

Watching the beautiful animated stories of Yuri on Ice, Your Name, Moana, Steven Universe, and Finding Dory

I am a sucker for animated anything and I absolutely loved the animated films and shows I watched this year. Where do I even begin? The touching stories? The phenomenal music (which I listen to often)? The stunning visuals? The general need to re-watch immediately after I finish?

I cried watching these and they have become personal favourites of mine. (Seriously, comment below and I will talk with you about Yuri On Ice for hours. OH MY GOD YURI ON ICE. OH MY GOD VICTOR AND YURI. OH MY GOD.

Visiting platform 9 3/4

Well, visiting London as a whole, really. I loved being in London, and the only shame is that we only got to stay there for a week. But going to Platform 9 3/4 was especially cool. We also got to go inside Buckingham Palace, and took day trips to Bath and Edinburgh.

One of the more prouder parts of the trip was that I did most of the planning myself. I was also my family’s tour guide…I led all the walks and planned the day’s events.

Studying A Song of Ice and Fire at school…and getting top marks!

I wrote a post about this yesterday, but having a class about Game of Thrones made the worst semester of life bearable. It was a definite GPA booster, and it was a great switch of gears for my brain.

Playing Pokémon Go 

I wasn’t the kid with a GameBoy Advance playing Pokémon. I was the girl who borrowed her brother’s nintendo DS to play his discarded Pokémon games. I was also the kid who watched the dub when it first aired in North America, and wanted a Pikachu so bad she got a stuffed animal larger than her torso.

So the release of Pokémon Go on mobile was a pretty big deal for me. I knew right away I wanted a Bulbasaur and my brother and I played a lot. Of course, being awful at video games that I am, I no longer have the app on my phone, and I probably didn’t get past level 7. But one of my favourite memories this year was arguing with my brother while I was driving because he was catching Pokémon while I had to focus on the road.

Starting the works of Victoria Schwab

I CANNOT WAIT FOR 2017 BEAUSE THAT MEANS I AM CLOSER TO GETTING A CONJURING OF LIGHT. I read Schwab’s Darker Shade books and This Savage Song this year and I absolutely loved them. I need to reread A Darker Shade of Magic and A Gathering of Shadows again before the last book comes out in February, I love the story so much. The world building and the magic system and the characters and…oh, I could go on. I even bought Vicious just because I loved her other books so much, without even reading the blurb! After these, I’ll probably get around to the Archived.

Listening to Hamilton

Hamilton has been a highlight of 2016 for me. I listened to the album like mad, I fell in awe of Lin Manuel Miranda, and I got connected with one of the coolest fandoms on the planet. That musical is a phenomenon worth reckoning. It cheered me up when I was feeling down, made me cry with emotion, and all together is an experience…without even watching the actual musical!

Moving to be closer to school, and ending up with pretty awesome roommates

So I moved away from home to be closer to school in September. I’ve been saying I would do it for years, but I finally took the plunge this year, my final year.

I was actually kind of desperate and anxious about leaving home, and at first I was feeling lonely because I was the only student in the boarding house. But over the course of September, the rooms filled, and to my surprise and delight, I get alogn with my roommates really well. None of s knew each other before we moved in, but I’m happy to call them my friends.

Becoming more confident in my future

One of the biggest things I’ve had to think about this year is what I’m going to do once I graduate university. People kept asking me at work, school, and home. And I knew I couldn’t push the subject forever. I did a lot of thinking this year, and while I don’t really have a set plan, I’m more comfortable with the malleability of my current one. And I’ve rarely felt that way. But this year, I’ve come to feel that way a lot more.

So…that’s my list! Tell me some awesome things that happened to you in 2016 in the comments below!


10 Things I Used To (And Probably Still) Believe About Books

I’ll let you judge which I still believe in.


A book next to the pillow affects dreaming. 

I fell asleep a lot with the book in my hands. Or I’d get too lazy to get up and put it on the desk. I had the top bunk above my sister, so I didn’t worry about the book falling because of the railing. Eventually I developed a theory that the books were affecting my dreams. Mostly that they were banishing nightmares.


Books were accounts of alternate universes.

This is mostly wish fulfillment more than anything else. I really wanted books to be real. I really wanted it.


Liking books made you a nerd (negative connotation).

Back in elementary, people attributed my good grades to the fact that I read books, even if it made no sense at all. (You know how to use a compass to draw circles? Obviously you read it in those fantasy books you’re always reading.)

But I got a lot of flack for it too. I’d read while I ate my lunch, and get teased for it.

Books should be kept pristine.

I’m always shocked and horrified when my paperback cover rips or the spine breaks or if (god forbid) I see writing in a library book.

However, one of my favourite experiences with a book is angrily annotating Harry Potter and the Cursed Child—primarily with lots of question marks, exclamation points, and underlines.


Only read in hardcopy. 

I have come to appreciate the fact that I can read books on my phone. It’s portable. It has a built in light. It’s significantly cheaper.

Also, audiobooks are a lovely thing. Lesser eye strain. And if the narrator is good, tone and intonation, it makes the experience worth it.


Books are perfect.

Yes, to quote Hank Green, books are a media that “are superior to most of the media”.

But they aren’t perfect. They’re susceptible to water and fire. They are delicate beings, whose pages are easily torn, bent, or marked. And there are bad books, with bad stories inside of them, or with bad endings.


You have to finish a book you start.

I wasted a lot of time on books that I thought I had to finish. I wasted a lot of time on series that ended horribly. (Seriously, I should have stopped reading Maximum Ride after the third book.) (I did stop though. Apparently Angel becomes insufferable.)


The author knows everything.

It took me a while to consider the reader’s end of the reading experience, which is a strange thing to say considering that I am always in the reader’s position.

I think this really hit me when I read an ending that I didn’t like, and started coming up with possibilities for how it could be better. Or when I would come across a superficial character description that I had pictured completely differently in my head. (For a long time I pictured Rosalie from Twilight as a brunette.) The author begins a story, but it is finished by the reader.

And what’s more, the characters start to take over, something I learned when I started seriously writing stories. The writer doesn’t dictate what they are doing, the writer designs a character, puts them in a situation, and then the character screams back in frustration as they work their way through the problem together.


Books are the best way to tell a story.

(To be clear, I’m not talking about book-to-movie adaptations, but just movies in general.)

Wow, I must really be coming off as a snobbish reader. To be honest, I prefer reading books to watching TV and movies. Sure, it’s easier to sit and watch something, but I have no patience for it. It’s really hard for me to just sit and watch a movie–I need to be knitting or eating or something. Meanwhile, I can spend hours reading a book.

But movies do do some things better than books. For example, action scenes just aren’t the same in books and movies. Words on a page simply can’t catch up with the movement of a fight. I love movie soundtracks, which can capture emotions that words can’t describe.

There’s no such thing as reading too much.

I will never get tired of reading. Never. Even when I’m in my slumps and can’t finish a book, the emotion comes from not being able to do something I love.

I love stories and I love reading and I don’t think that will ever change.

10 Reasons Why I Refuse Cursed Child As Canon

I know I’m not alone in disbelief that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is meant to be the long awaited Book 8.

Spoilers will be present in this post so beware. (Though, let’s be honest, tumblr has already spoiled the lot of it.) Also, I have not watched the stage production, and so there may be subtleties and character traits that I can’t judge because they are in the way the actors portray their characters. That said, Cursed Child was published as script only, and therefore it’s valid to subject to scrutiny as text alone. 

1. Missing characters. 

Where’s Teddy? Victoire? Why is McGonagall around but not Flitwick or Neville? Harry is Teddy’s godfather for crying out loud. Knowing the impact Sirius had on his own life, and especially seeing as Teddy has no parents, wouldn’t Harry be heavily involved in his life? 

Admittedly, I’m willing to forgive this because of the limitations of a stage production. But this problem is just the tip of the iceberg. 

2. Characters missing character. 

While Cursed Child does a better job with Ginny and Draco’s character than the movies did, and the new leads are spot on, it does a poor job with almost everyone else. I would have loved interaction between the Potter siblings, because as a person with siblings, I know the only people who truly understand what it’s like to have your parents are your siblings. 

I’m fairly disappointed with the handling of our core trio, particularly Ron. I just felt like he was used for comic relief. Albus mentions he’s more of a family man, but he doesn’t even interact with his daughter! 

As for Hermione, while I totally believe she would micromanage the Ministry, she came off as really panicked and unprepared, which isn’t like her at all. 

Surprisingly, I’m okay with most of what happens with Harry. I can believe he’s having trouble parenting, and I believe he’s having trouble with his son. It makes sense. But something about him seems missing. Is it the sass? Is it the lack of conviction? I’m not sure, but he just isn’t Harry. 

3. In an alternate universe, how the hell does Ron marry Padma? 

There are a lot of leaps in logic when the alternate universes generated by Albus and Scorpius. Some of these alterations make sense, like the underground rebellion run by Snape, Hermione, and Ron. 

But Cedric the Death Eater? Ron married to Padma? Hermione the evil professor? In many cases, I feel like these changes were made to shock more than follow a logical progression of events. 

Ron married to Padma is very near the top of this list because Ron was never attracted to Padma, and Ron, as evidenced by Half Blood Prince, can’t help but fall in love with Hermione. And yeah, they make a point that Ron is still in love with her, but marries to Padma really really doesn’t make sense. 

4. Queerbaiting AND Pandering

Who do I ship? Scorose? Scorbus? Why is this such a dilemma? 

Granted, Rowling never even hinted at the romance of the next generation, the fandom just sort of took them and went wild.

But it is not cool to have Scorpius physically display attraction towards Rose (albeit rather sincerely), but emotionally be attached to Albus. What I mean by this is Scorpius does all the stereotypical things a shy boy does when he likes a girl: he tries and fails to talk to her, he tries and fails to ask her out. And I can see fans getting excited over this…thete are plenty if Scorose fanfics out there to suggest support for this ship. 

But by any other means, Scorpius is in a deep relationship with Albus. He tells him his problems, he relies on him, he is irrevocably broken when they are separated. And then they end the play as friends. And I completely believe that people can be soulmates without being romantically involved. But something about the way Albus and Scorpius interacted felt inherently romantic to me. Contrasting that with how Scorpius acts with Rose, I find it hard to believe he likes her romantically at all. 

I’ve seen the interpretation that Scorpius is only showing an interest in Rose to avoid coming out of the closet to a world that already gossips about him. And if that’s the case, I would genuinely be surprised by that level of nuance. 

5. Voldemort + Bellatrix = Baby

I can’t get that (rather disturbing) image out of my head. This pairing made sense in Starkid, where they are parodying the series. But would canon Voldemort have a baby with Bellatrix? Merlin’s beard, no. 

Canon Bellatrix fears Voldemort just as much as she adores and respects him. I think she would be shocked by the idea of getting it on with him, perhaps even terrified. On the other hand, Voldemort hates himself for being a half blood, and wouldn’t dare have a child since by his hand, a mixed blood child would be produced. Furthermore, we all know what Voldy feels about family (i.e. nothing) and he was always concerned with living forever. Who needs heirs when you rule until the world ends? 

Again, the defense theory of this is that Voldemort was planning to turn Dephi into a horcrux, as the time of her supposed conception lines up with Voldemort discovering that Harry is destroying horcruxes. I doubt this for several reasons… One of them being that it is much easier to kill a man than destroy a posessed inanimate object. Then there’s the fact that Tom Riddle chose important artifacts for his horcruxes, and Voldemort is so far from a loving father figure to think his child is a worthy horcrux. Nope, the whole concept of Dephi is dumb. 

6. There’s no sense of real risk. 

Nothing that the protagonists do is particularly…dangerous. And I realize how stupid that sounds since they almost die a few times, but hear me out. 

The Ministry has previously been broken into via polyjuice potion, so we know it works, decreasing the risk levels dramatically. This is furthered by the ease of Hermione’s riddles (seriously, I answered them as soon as I read them).

And besides, the stakes aren’t high until the end of Part 1. Later on in this post, I’ll talk about how the time travelling bothers me in a plot device way more than an actual conflict, but as Harry points out, when he was a kid, he had adventures because the danger was thrown at him, not because he was seeking it out. 

And the reason Albus ends up in trouble could have easily been avoided: just don’t try to help a crazy old man. If Voldemort taught the wizarding world anything, messing with death is just as dangerous as messing with time. And then Albus does the stupid thing and messes with BOTH. 

7. It reads like fanfiction. 

I’ve written quite a few posts about books sounding like fanfiction as a way of describing the unpolished writing and poor storytelling. 

This is sort of a combination of all the points of this list–the missing characters, the poor characterization, the pandering and shipping, the messy pointless conflict. But the sum of this is definitely greater than it’s parts, because one or two of these is easy to forgive–all of it is absolutely irritating. 

8. Starkid did it better. 

The number of parallels between Curse Child and A Very Potter Musical/Sequel/Senior Year is absolutely astonishing:

  • The villain goes back in time to bring back Voldemort
  • Harry Potter is a jerk has-been celebrity
  • Evil trolley cart lady
  • The running joke of Ron stuffing his face
  • Voldy/Trixie love affair
  • Questioning Malfoy parentage
  • Potter/Malfoy duel
  • Draco saves the day with his father’s time-turner

And the funny thing is, it makes total sense in Starkid, but is eyeroll inducing in Cursed Child. And it’s not even a double standard–we accept it in Starkid because its meant to be a parody, a joke. Cursed Child asks us to take these jokes as serious concerns, and it just doesn’t work. 

    9. That’s not how time-turners work!

    What made the timer-turner amazing in Prisoner of Azkaban was that the Harry and Hermione that had gone back in time weren’t future Harry and Hermione going back in time to fix stuff… They were Harry and Hermione doing stuff that had already happened. Harry and Sirius wouldn’t have survived the dementors if Harry hadn’t performed the Patronus. Notably, Harry doesn’t do this until he travels back in time, meaning that the timeline is set–he was always there, even if he hadn’t time travelled yet. This establishes pretty well that the Harry Potter universe follows a predetermined timeline. If a person uses a time-turner tomorrow to mess shit up three days ago, you better believe it already happened to you. 

    This is how Harry in the infinitely better fanfiction, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, is able to perform pranks with his time turner. The future him going back in time is already present, their actions already taking effect. Starkid also respects this rule, with past time travelling Harry convincing a drunk Snape to save past Harry. 

    This means Scorpius and Albus going back in time should have changed…nothing. Because if Cursed Child was supposed to be canon, then it should agree with the established canon. So if they go back to the Triwizard tournament, nothing would change. 

    Technically, there is a very large loop hole (as there always is with time travel) that since Albus and Scorpius fix the timeline, the canon remains intact and they just had a crazy and horrible adventure in a bubble of time. Which leads to my final point… 

      10. This contributes nothing to canon. 

      Yes, we have a four act play that tells the story about the next generation. Yes, we have, what I assume based on the reviews and stage directions, a massive feat in effects in theatre production. 

      But by the end of it, what do we get that Rowling hasn’t already shared? We know what happens to the gang thanks to interciews and Pottermore. While I’m thrilled about the friendship between Albus and Scorpius, the state of the general wizarding world is barely touched on. 

      Which begs the question, what was the point? An unnecessary bad parent redemption character arc for Harry Potter? A fun AU story? The very unnecessary and scarring image of Bellatrix Lestrange giving birth? 

      Why is this canon? 

      I can only come to the conclusion that the rave reviews of Cursed Child are because of its affect as a theatre production and not because of it’s qualities as a compelling continuation of the Harry Potter story. 

      But you tell me. Do you consider Cursed Child as canon? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments! 

      Top 10 Things I Can’t Wait For in Winter

      People who haven’t read The Lunar Chronicles may misinterpret this as a post about the season—with snow, and hot chocolate, and Christmas.

      I may make a post about that, but not today. No, this post is about Marissa Meyer’s final instalment of her Lunar ChroniclesWinter, which comes out in ten days.

      TEN DAYS.

      Not only am I desperate to read how this series ends, I have created a list of the top ten things I am especially ready to read (or…perhaps what I hope will happen). Let’s begin!

      1. Thorne getting his sight back

      …and he can’t handle how cute Cress is. Because let’s be honest. Cress is adorable and Thorne hasn’t seen her cleaned up yet. You know, without the miles of hair and proper clothes and she has a tan now… Not to mention that fantasy she has of him in her head that he has to compete against.

      You know what? I just want Thorne/Cress adorableness. Is that so wrong? And I feel like Thorne wouldn’t be able to handle all of Cress’s cute. He’d just stare at her. All the time. When he thinks she isn’t looking. Making Cress totally uncomfortable.

      And then Cinder would have to tell him to calm the crap down.

      2. Scarlet and Wolf reunion

      Scarlet and Wolf have a special place in the part of my brain reserved for OTPs. Wolf is just so dedicated to her…I want to read him finally, finally having her safe. He’d probably flip out that her finger is missing. And then she would have to calm him down. And finally admit to him that she’s in love with him, because she technically hasn’t said it yet. (COME ON, SCARLET.)

      (If you haven’t guessed, I’m hoping for a lot of adorable OTP scenes in this novel….which may or may not involve one or more parties being unable to handle it—myself excluded. The Lunar Chronicles is just loaded with them.)

      3. Winter’s point of view

      I’m only halfway through my reread of Cress, so I don’t remember everything…but I do remember that Winter’s point of view was freaking awesome. She just has a really unique voice—that of a person going insane and knows it. She’s also pretty sheltered, like Cress. But unlike Cress, she doesn’t really seem to have any skills. She’s super sneaky though. I can’t wait to read more about her.

      4. Cinder finding her place

      Three books into this series, and I’m still not sure where Cinder will be happy. I know she’d prefer to be by Kai’s side. I know she wants her friends to be happy and safe. I know that she wants to end Levana’s reign of terror. I know she wants to have full control of her Lunar gift. But I also know that she wants freedom.

      And so far, I haven’t really seen what will make her happy. Maybe Winter can be Queen of Luna and Cinder will be the royal mechanic/Lunar ambassador/empress consort of the Eastern Commonwealth?

      5. The revolution

      I’m sort of betting on a secret resistance already existing in Artemisia. You know, the cliche resistance waiting for the princess to arrive and take control. Whether or not that resistance is going to support Winter or Selene is completely unknown to me. Because while I can see people rallying with Cinder/Selene due to her birthright, I can also see them rallying behind Winter, since she’s been on Luna, she knows what the people need.

      Except for the fact that she’s insane. Speaking of which…

      6. Winter’s backstory

      Pretty sure we all want to know the story behind those scars. What did Winter do to provoke Levana? Not that Levana really needs much provocation to do anything.But how were they formed? Would Levana have used her Lunar gift to force Winter to claw at her own face? Tell. Me.

      Also, I figure that Winter refuses to use her gift because she hated how her stepmother used her father. But I want to hear it from her. Why?

      7. Jacin’s breaking out of his walls

      Jacin is a stoic rock. He’s basically a brick. I am more than excited to learn about his actual character, something that I feel will only be done through his and Winter’s eyes. It’s very clear that his only soft spot is for Winter. He’d probably do anything for her.

      But I want Jacin to make friends with the rest of the crew. I have a feeling he’d get along with Wolf if he tried. He sort of seemed to warm up to Cinder in Cress. He’d probably like Scarlet considering how Winter’s sort of adopter her as a best buddy.

      8. Heartbreak

      To be clear—none of the character’s hearts breaking. Just mine. With all the epic climactic (near) sacrifices. Well, I hope they’re near sacrifices.

      Oh, and reunions. Like Winter and Selene. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling Winter would recognize Cinder right away as her beloved cousin Selene. And with her childish attitude, I can just picture her seeing Cinder and running to her yelling, “SELENE!!!! You’re alive! Where have you been? You missed all of my birthday parties!”

      Aw, so cute.

      But seriously…NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO DIE.

      Well, except this next person…

      9. Levana’s end

      Death is the preferable mode of defeat. With a huge reveal to everyone about her horribly disfigured face. Oh, and showing how old she is. She’s got to be, what, forty now? Basically any information that proves how absolutely disgusting it would be for Kai to marry her. (Besides the fact that she’s clinically insane.)

      10. Happily Ever After

      Because every fairy tale ends in “Happily Ever After”, right? The nice thing about this series is that, while each book has been sort of predictable in plot, I’m still not sure how they will all end up in the end. With Levana taken from power and Luna and Earth at peace, where will everyone be? Requirements include Kai and Cinder together, Wolf and Scarlet together, Cress and Thorne together, and Jacin and Winter together, because obviously that has to happen.

      But what will they be doing? Is Kai still going to be emperor? Who will be queen of Luna? Will Scarlet go back to the farm? Where will Cress stay? What about Iko? Will Thorne by pardoned? (He better be.)

      And someone better get engaged (at the very least).

      So that’s the end of my list. What are you excited for in Winter? Let me know in comments!

      10 Books That Should Be Adapted To Film

      Book to movie adaptations are a touchy subject for any reader. Especially when it’s a beloved book that gets a terrible adaptation.



      But if all books were given the same amount of dedication to detail and production quality as Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Lord of the Rings adaptations, I bet I would love it if these books were made into movies.

      1. The Leviathan Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld

      leviathan-seriesPlease tell me I’m not the only one who wants to see clankers and beasties on screen. This book is an epic steampunk adventure set in WWI and I desperately want it to be translated to film.

      Oh, and a CGI Bovril! All the beasties can be voiced by Dee Bradley Baker!

      2. The Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy by Laini Taylor

      Daughter of Smoke & BoneImagination runs wild in this trilogy and I would love to see all the fantastical chimera on the big screen. And the angels. And Zuzana.

      I feel that with the right music, this adaptation could be well done. I’ve mentioned before that music in movies expresses the emotion that books do, and this trilogy is just packed with emotion.

      3. Ready Player One by Ernest ClineReady_Player_One_cover

      I would love to see a film interpretation of the OASIS. With the right CGI and proper parallels in casting (yes, I am referring to Aech) this could be an awesome movie. The flick sync alone would be so cool to see in film form. The legal permissions would be a big problem though. *sigh*

      4. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

      cinder-paperback-coverI feel like this series could easily be made into a television show. Bioterrorism and robots? Politics and fairy tale retellings? That’s like mixing Once Upon a Time with the politics of Game of Thrones with the sci-fi of Star Trek.

      I want to see the wolf hybrid army. I want to see classy CGI for Cinder’s mechanic parts. I want to see the Rampion and robots and Iko and see how they represent the glamour and manipulation. I’d love it if they do that whole slow down thing they do in Sherlock and the Amazing Spiderman movies.

      5. The Looking Glass Wars by Frank BeddorLooking Glass Wars

      I know there are a lot of Alice and Wonderland movies and  out there. I’m a personal fan of the Syfy miniseries Alice, myself.

      The Looking Glass Wars turns Alice in Wonderland into a political battle, not unlike The Lunar Chronicles. I’d love to see the crystal transport system on film. Then there’s the Millinery, the robot card soldiers, and Doppelganger.

      6. Sandman by Neil Gaiman

      sandmanYes. Please, turn this graphic novel into a movie. It doesn’t even have to be the whole series…just the first instalment: Preludes and Nocturnes. On its own it’s a cohesive storyline. It is absolutely beautiful and I can easily picture it as a film.

      At least the poetry slam scene with the demons. I want to see that part especially.

      7. The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan

      The Last OlympianI’m cheating here. Because I think this book should be made into a movie. That requires that the first four books make it to the big screen. Which means they’re going to need to remake those first couple movies. Perhaps with more dedication to the source material and…well that’s just it really. This series deserves a better adaptation than it got. And I demand it be done.

      (Preferably in animated form: http://ilyone.tumblr.com/post/112968147353/a-few-months-ago-i-said-on-this-blog-that-in-my) (Those 30 seconds are better than the two movies combined.)

      8. The Softwire Series by PJ Haarsma

      the-softwire1This was one of my first sci-fi series, and I would love to see it in movie form. About a human colony travelling to the illustrious system of the Rings of Orbis, they hope find a better life in the population of mixed planetary races. But all the adults die in a plague that destroys the crew. The only occupants left are their children, now teenagers, who were released from their cryogenic storage and raised by the ship’s motherboard. Among them is Johnny Turnbull, who has the unique ability to transfer his consciousness into computers, making him the first human softwire.

      I think the book would transfer well to screen, especially the QuestNest tournament that comprises book 3. That would be awesome.

      9. Attachments by Rainbow Rowellattachments rainbow rowell

      YES. Turn this into a romcom or so help me. (I mean, technically we have You’ve Got Mail, but I want this too.) I feel like we’ve missed the window of opportunity to make this a movie though, simply because Y2K isn’t a big deal anymore, and the internet has become a much more open space, but hey, a girl can dream.

      10. Gone by Michael Grant

       Is that sadistic of me? Actually, like Cinder, I would love for Gone to be a TV show, like The 100. I have this huge fear that they’d up the age range to 16 or even 18 just so it wouldn’t be as morbid, but that would ruin it. It’d be best if they got some quality child actors. It’s a very plot driven story, so the transfer would go well.

      So that’s my opinion! What books do you want (or not want) in movie form? Let me know in comments below!