IMR | Heartless | A Not So Simple Answer

I'm currently reading Marissa Meyer's Heartless, a prequel to Alice In Wonderland that explains the history of the Queen of Hearts. In the story, Catherine, the future Queen of Hearts, lives in a pseudo-Victorian kingdom, where women are limited in their abilities, opportunities, and prospects. Her parents expect her to maintain her reputation and the reputation of… Continue reading IMR | Heartless | A Not So Simple Answer


The Bechdel Test Is Stupid

Add this to the list of sentences I never thought I'd say: A cross dressing pirate and a sadistic queen made me reconsider one way we assess the gender diversity in fictional works. I recently finished A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab, and I have to say, I'm quite impressed with the characters… Continue reading The Bechdel Test Is Stupid

A Delayed Book Hangover

I miss Percy Jackson. Or rather, I miss the rush of following a series. There's a thrill when you're reading a really good book. The rush of knowing that these characters are people you want to be your best friends and this plot is going to mean something to you. This thrill is just extended when you read a… Continue reading A Delayed Book Hangover

IMR | Oh My God, Harry, SHUT UP

That moment when you want to replace the name "Hermione" with "Harry" in the following gif: I recently started Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (a.k.a. HPMoR). Now, you might be thinking, Wait, which book is that? I don't remember waiting in line for that Harry Potter book. That's because it's not. It's fanfiction. Ravenclawsam recommended me… Continue reading IMR | Oh My God, Harry, SHUT UP

Double Stacking Books?!

I rearranged my bookshelf. There is one thing that I love and hate about being a book collector, and that is keeping my bookshelf organized. I have to do it every few months as I buy and donate books or its starts to get a little haphazard: It may not look like that much of… Continue reading Double Stacking Books?!