Snapchat-1475298650Who am I?

I’m a Filipino-Canadian, a biochemist, a bookworm, a writer, a ranter, an anime-watcher, a fangirl, and a nerd–not necessarily in that order. I also might be an alien working for the data integration thought entity, though my advanced programming has yet to be uploaded. I believe this will occur when I have mastered my guise as a human by properly integrating with society.

Obviously, this has not happened yet.

So, if and until that happens, I better understand the programs currently loaded into this brain.

The ones that are fascinated by the delicate balance of molecules that is life. The thoughts on the beauty and importance of storytelling. The motivation to keep my duties organized. And the desire to just rant when the need arises because <insert probably insignificant annoyance here>.

One particular program I’ve come to understand well is character-based storytelling. I will forgive a poor plot if it is coupled with excellent character development. When I write a story, it’s because a new character popped into my head.

This time, the character is me.


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  1. […] I almost completely forgot about this challenge but I am here on Day 2! You can find Day 1 here. The wonderful Orang-Utan Librarian tagged me to do the Three Days Three Quotes Challenge again. She is doing it Shakespeare style, but I haven’t read much Shakespeare (yet), so I’m just going to do the normal one. Check her blog out, because it is wonderful. I tag Valerie, Luna and leannaatc. […]


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