The Last Year of University | 5 Memories

University was full of memories, and its sort of impossible to pick just 5 of them to talk about. So instead, I’m going to talk about the first 5 memories that pop into my head from the past 5 years.

1. Game of Thrones House Battle

This is probably one of the first things that came to mind because it was just a few terms ago, and it was stupidly fun. As I’ve mentioned before, I took a prose fiction class last term, and it was designed around A Song of Ice and Fire. Part of this class was weekly trivia quizzes to make sure students were actually reading the books instead of just watching the HBO series. We were divided into groups (I was in House Martell, Unbowed, Unbent Unbroken) and there was a complicated system of kings and vassals based on cumulative points. The end of the semester was a trivia battle between the houses, with prizes for the strongest House and the best of each House.

I won a Martell hat.

2. My First Interview

Co-op was probably the best experience I had in universe, but it wasn’t easy finding my first job. I was panicking because I couldn’t even get an interview and I was required to do a practice interview with my coordinator before a specific date, because he would be out of the country. That date was coming up soon, so I emailed him, but he reassured me I would be fine to wait until I got an interview.

I got an interview a few hours later. For the next business day.

Luckily, it was a Friday, so I had the weekend to prepare. But I still hadn’t done practice, so I rushed to my coordinator’s office in a renewed panic.

In the end, I didn’t get the job, but I’ll ever forget it.

3. Second Year Organic Chemistry Midterm

“This is the kind of exam you go out drinking after, right?”

That’s what my friend asked me when we stepped out of our midterm, which no one finished and everyone was traumatized by. Organic Chemistry is by far the hardest class I had to take in university, and the culmination of its difficulty was this exam. This was also the midterm that convinced a lot of my classmates to transfer out of biochem.

Just last term I had a final in the same room as the organic chemistry midterm, and the first thing someone asked me when we saw the room was, “Anyone else have a traumatic flashback?”

4. Wandering Around Campus

I’m cheating on this one, because it’s actually a series of memories.

I was fortunate to go to a school with a beautiful campus that made wandering aimlessly between classes fun. I wandered around museums of anthropology, geology, and biodiversity. There was a Japanese garden, a Haida village, and a beach. And walking around was one of the easiest things to kill time between classes.

Bonus points for learning how to dodge the numerous construction sites on campus.

5. Study Groups

Another cheat, but doing study groups holds so many memories because of what we talked about.

Which was basically just hanging out. Since we’d devolve into conversations about TV shows or rants about professors or teleportation.

And that’s it for now. Tomorrow is less nostalgic and a little more…regretful. Till then!


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