DO MORE! Pt. 2 (A Rough Start)

the short story

2017 gets a rough start. But, one out of five ain’t bad, right?

Right?the long storySo a few weeks ago, I set up some resolutions for myself for 2017, and here’s the first update of them as they evolve. To recap, they were:

  1. Read 2 1/2 books a month to satisfy by Goodreads goal of 30 books in 2017.
  2. Try going to a gym.
  3. Write 400 NEW words each week.
  4. Write a new post every week.
  5. Pick a song to cover, and practice once a week.

And how did I do? Well…

I read ~4 1/2 books in January. Two of them were audiobooks: Ready Player One and Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. In hardcopy, I read Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon, I’m almost done Illuminae by Amie Kaufman, and I’m halfway through The Bad Beginning of Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events.

I did not go to the gym. Most of my time in January was consumed with schoolwork, and I blame myself for not making time for exercise. To be fair though, I had to work harder on certain days to make room for trips to the local mountains for snowshoeing, which was a solid workout of hiking in snow for several hours. I even tried skiing with my roommates as instructors and by the end of the day, I made it down a green run without falling, so I consider that a win. (And a sufficient replacement, in my opinion, I am incredibly sore right now.)

This isn’t sustainable, in terms of the time dedicated to go to the mountains and the money spent renting gear, but I definitely enjoyed the sports. For February, I need to find a more sustainable way of exercise.

And now we’re getting to the sad part of this post.

I wrote a whopping 150 words of my story since I wrote the initial post a few weeks ago, and I am disappointed in myself. I was in sort of a writer’s block this month, but I do have some world building floating around in my head, and I need to get that down on paper.

I wrote one other post last month, meaning I only wrote one post in two weeks. I’m about 50% of the way there though, so not too bad. Like the story-writing goal, I have ideas in my head about what to blog, but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

And the most disappointing of all, I didn’t even touch musicI listened to plenty, but I didn’t touch an instrument this month. The closest I got was singing to Adele with my roommates.

So for February, what’s the plan? Mostly, it’s the same, with a slight modification to (2):

  1. Read 2 1/2 books a month to satisfy by Goodreads goal of 30 books in 2017.
  2. Find a sustainable form of exercise and perform regularly
    1. Try a gym
  3. Write 400 NEW words each week.
  4. Write a new post every week.
  5. Pick a song to cover, and practice once a week. 

Funnily enough, I found that while snowshoeing, (less so with skiing due to a fear of falling) I was able to get out of my head, and it was great for my mental health, which wasn’t so great this month. I’m not diagnosed with anxiety or depression, but I know I can overthink things and it fills my head until it affects my decisions and physical health. But snowshoeing definitely got me out of my head more than meditation (I’ve tried meditation–all I got was a ton of ideas swirling in my head).

Hopefully I can keep up with them for February. Wish me luck!

Did you make resolutions for 2017? How are they going?


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