I Love My Group | The Last Year of University Pt. 7

the short storyWhen it comes to randomly chosen groups, I’ve been very lucky.
the long story

I hate group assignments. I know it’s because I micromanage like crazy. High school may have had something to do with it too. I was always in groups of people who didn’t care.

Of course, this is made worse when groups were randomly picked.

And this happened to me this semester.

And I love my group.

None of us really knew each other before we were brought together as a group,  but we worked well together from the beginning. No problems with one person doing most of the work, or arguing about someone not contributing.

What’s more, we had great chemistry. One time, after finishing the assignment, we stayed around talking for three hours. We liked hanging out with each other. We had inside jokes and teased each other and got along really well.

This oddly corresponds to how it turned out with my roommates. We all get along really well, and for Christmas, we decided to go out for dinner and out to the local light show at VanDuesen Gardens.

Our landlady says we’re the friendliest group she’s had, since past groups of girls just lock themselves in their rooms. This sort of makes sense, because despite living in the same house, none of us knew each other prior to moving in. But we all get along, with similar interests and courtesies.

I’m working and living with people who get along really well. And, with my previous experience in similar situations, I know that I’ve been very, very lucky.


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