Tiny Kindnesses

the short storyIt’s always the little things.
the long story

I was in line to get coffee this morning, and at the station to add milk and sugar and what not, I almost got in the way of another man trying to fix his coffee. We made small talk over how sometimes it gets busy in the coffee shop, and on my way out, I wished him a good day.

And he sounded so surprised that he eagerly replied back, “You too. Enjoy your last week of classes.”

I think it’s easy to forget how small kindnesses like that can make someone else’s day better. How a small “Good Morning”, a smile to person you walk past on the street, or a “Have a good day” reminds you that the world is a considerate, kind place.

He didn’t look like a student or professor, probably a construction worker since UBC is constantly under construction, so he probably doesn’t interact with students and faculty much. There was something about his tone, like he didn’t expect something like that from me at all, but was pleasantly surprised that I had.

And you know what? I was too.

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