Receiving A Pat on the Back From the Past

the short story

It’s funny how encouragement comes at the time you need it most from the most unexpected places.the long storyIt’s been a stressful November, and it’s going to continue to be stressful until this semester is over. Right now, my priorities is getting my two papers done so I can move on to study for finals.

Which is why its so nice to get an email from my former co-worker. We were on the same team at the biotech company I worked for during my first two terms of co-op. Apparently, he’s now writing a report and using a lot of my experiments and write-ups…which I did so well it makes his job fairly easy.

It’s kind of flattering, considering that I did all of that work a year ago.

I like that work I did in the past has a positive effect on someone else in the future. It was a definite self esteem booster considering the work I need to do now, where all I see is an endless pile of work.

Because the reports that my co-worker is using now used to be my endless pile of work.

It reminds me that the hard work I put in now is going to be rewarded in the future. That I owe past Leanna so much so learning how to read, and working hard in school, and making mistakes that I now know not to make. I owe past me for learning how to cook and how to ride a bike and how to play guitar.

Funnily enough, YouTuber NerdyAndQuirky posted a video today on this very topic:

And on that note, I’m going to go back to my papers…my goal is to finish my drafts by the end of this week!


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