The Playlist | Kimi No Na Wa Soundtrack by RADWIMPS

One of the best things to listen to while studying is movie soundtracks. They are perfect background music, enough to keep me engaged, but not enough to distract me.

I recently watched the latest Japanese blockbuster, Kimi no na wa, or, Your Name. If you like anime and are in the mood for a mystery/romance, then I recommend it. The story was interesting and touching and the animation is simply gorgeous. Seriously, if you watch the trailer above and think you might have a fraction of interest, GO FOR IT.

The trailer features one of my favourite songs on the soundtrack, ZenZenZense. But the best thing about this soundtrack is its variety. There’s pop rock, there’s heart wrenching piano and violin, there’s upbeat mellow pop, there’s eerie bass.

And the whole thing is on Spotify!

I have to hand it to RADWIMPS, the sole artist on the soundtrack. I love the subtleties of the songs, especially in the instrumentals. I almost always listen to it with both headphones in, at moderate volume so I can pick up all the intricacies. (And if this blocks out all noise so I can study, so be it).

What’s great is that the songs seem to tell a story without the accompanying visuals. That’s how I know it’s a good soundtrack. I could (and probably have) listened to it over and over again in one sitting.

And given the number of papers and exams I’ll be working on, I know I’ll be listening to it for quite a while.


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