The Playlist | Shelter by Porter Robinson

I don’t usually watch anime shorts.

But this one is totally worth it.

The story is of Rin, a girl alone in a world that she alone controls with her tablet, until one day she gets a message, the first in seven years…

Saying more would spoil it.

But, suffice to say, the song stayed in my head long after I had watched the video.

It’s such a catchy song. But if I were to listen to it on its own, I don’t know if it would immediately catch my ear.

It’s the fact that it’s in combination with storytelling through animation that really makes this standout to me. I keep watching the video because I have so many questions, and I keep listening to the song because it reminds me of the story.

Seriously, if you can spare 6 minutes, watch the video. It’s lovely.


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