I Never Thought I Would Be Afraid of a Paper Plane

the short storyBecause hitting “send” is one of the most anxiety-inducing things in the world.the long story

Do you hate sending emails?

I mean, compared to actually going up to someone and talking to them, for an introvert like me, emails are already a godsend.

Except for that little complication that is the send button.

See, until you hit that send button, your thoughts are unknown. Until you hit that send button, you didn’t just embarrass yourself with a bad email.

Alternatively, you may not have yet sent the greatest email in the universe, but until you hit that send button, you never know.

I experienced this just yesterday, sending an email to my English professor about my final project. I finished writing the email in about five minutes and spent another fifteen proofreading and rereading as an excuse to not hit “send”.

That’s a lot of power a little icon of a paper airplane has over me. And to be honest, it really is ridiculous.

But it’s not even just sending emails. It’s buying things online, it’s making VISA payments, it’s registering for courses, it’s posting things to this blog.

Technology has made so that all of my anxiety is available at the press of a button. Until then, I’m completely fine with writing the email or filling my cart on amazon or planning my schedule or writing a post.

I’d like to get better about it though. I’d like to reach a point where pressing the send or submit button is just as easy as hitting the keys on my keyboard.

But until then, I fear the paper airplane.

Now help me feel better by telling me you hate sending emails too? (Just kidding, you don’t have to.) But what makes you anxious? Let me know in comments.


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