I Was Destined To Be A Nerd

the short storyI was named after a TV show character. This TV show is pretty popular with nerds, and she started off as a sort of icon and then became more of a fleshed out character. In fact, only one letter differs between my name and hers.

And no, it’s not Lyanna Stark.

the long storyWhen I was younger, I always wondered why my parents named me such a weird name. It wasn’t until I was seven that a teacher pronounced my name as LEE-ann-AH, which is, of course, the correct way of pronouncing my name.

No, despite my name being spelled L-E-A-N-N-A, I was often called lee-ANN. I still am some times, though the rise of Game of Thrones has increased the likelihood of my name being pronounced correctly. 

So one day, I asked.

And that’s when I learned I was destined to be a nerd.

(The following story is true, as far as I know it.)

See, my parents were fans of Star Trek, The Next Generation before I was born. And one of the characters on the show was called the lieutenant commander Deanna Troi.

And my parents aren’t the kind of people who go, “Oh, she’s a badass character, I want my daughter to be named after her.”

No, my parents were the kind of people who said, “Oh, that’s a nice name.”

Yeah. The switch to an “L” is because of a family tradition where the children’s names begin with the parent’s first initials. My father is Leo, and my mother is Arcy, so Leanna.

I was once asked if I was named after Lyanna Stark, and I explained that I was actually named after Deanna Troi.

I don’t really have much connection to the character herself. I just know that I’m named after her. Once, when I got really curious, I googled her and found out that originally, she was nothing more than eye-candy for the male demographic. Later, her character got revamped and she actually was commander for a bit.

So maybe not the nerdfightastic name story you were expecting.

But it is a fun story to tell when I don’t know what story to tell.

So tell me a story: what does your name mean? Are you named after anyone? Let me know in comments!


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