Am I Cheating Fate or is Fate Cheating Me?| The Last Year of University Pt. 3

the short storyI can’t figure out if luck is for or against me with my grades.

the long story

I think I forgot how to study. After 16 months of not studying, all my habits sort of fell through the tubes, into the garbage chute, and were burned, generating carbon dioxide that was taken up by the local forest to produce glucose so they could survive.

So yeah, the trees have my study habits. You’re welcome nature.

Like the crazy person I am, I took six courses this semester, the equivalent of 16 credits. Why take so many courses, you may ask? In order to graduate, I need to take a certain number of credits of required and elective courses, and in order to graduate in May 2017, I need to do 16 of them this term. These courses are:

  • Protein Structure and Function
  • Microscopic Human Anatomy
  • Prose Fiction (focusing on A Song of Ice and Fire–I usually refer to it as “Game of Thrones class”)
  • Nucleic Acid Structure and Function
  • Bioinformatics
  • Integrated Chemistry Lab I

Of these courses, three of them have two midterms, two of them have one midterm, two of them have term papers, and the lab has weekly lab reports.

With 8 midterms to deal with, weekly lab reports, and thinking about term papers, I really don’t have time to do much that I’d like to. In fact, I don’t even have enough time to do these courses.

See, despite being only one credit, the Integrate Chemistry Lab takes up a significant amount of my time, because I need to write lab reports and prep for the next experiment every single week. I also am putting a lot of effort into my biochemistry courses, Proteins and Nucleic Acids, because those are required for my major and I want to do really well in them.

Meanwhile, the Microscopic Human Anatomy and Prose Fiction are my electives. Anatomy is generally one large memorization game…for its midterm I basically crammed a bunch of definitions and terms in my brain the few days before the exam.

As for Game of Thrones class…we’re supposed to have read all five books and watched all 6 seasons. I read the first four books two years ago, am in the middle of re-watching the series (literally the middle, I finished season 3 a few days ago) and have not gotten 100 pages into A Dance With Dragons yet.

The semester is two-thirds of the way through.

I mean, how fitting is this gif?

AND YET, despite all the effort I put into my chemistry lab and biochemistry courses, I score around average for those.

But my best scores? My best midterm marks are from the two courses I slacked off in. In fact, I had the best score in my Game of Thrones class–and I’m not even an Arts student! I beat the English majors!


I can’t decide if I’m cheating fate, or if fate is cheating me. What kind of lesson does this teach students if their marks for slacking off are amazing and their marks for working hard are so-so?

This isn’t to say I’m not grateful for the excellent marks…I recognize that I got the marks that I did in my (for lack of a better term) “slacking” classes because I’m good at reasoning answers on the spot. For a handful of questions on my anatomy midterm, I couldn’t remember the answer, so I reasoned it out via process of elimination (all hail multiple choice exams). And my Game of Thrones midterm was a sight reading exercise…its didn’t even have to be in full sentence format!

It’s just a shame I work so hard in the other classes and I’m not seeing results.


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