In a Concert, No One Can Hear You Sing

the short storyI went to my first concert.

By my favourite band in the entire world.

And all I got out of it was a giant pun.

the long story

Young the Giant may be my favourite band in the world. They are the Mountain Goats to my John Green, the Neutral Milk Hotel to my Will Grayson, the…

Okay, so I can’t find a good band/fan analogy, but you get the idea. I love this band a lot. I have listened to all of their songs, and loved all of their songs.

img_20161026_220801And so many things about the concert were amazing. I knew from the beginning that Young the Giant sounds exactly like they do in recordings, as evidenced by their In the Open series, but being there in person added another layer to the music. The vibrations from the drums and the guitar amps shook the room, so when “Titus Was Born” played, I felt like I was in a storm. The lighting in the show enhanced everything–a soft glow for “Firelight” and “Art Exhibit“, a mess of light and colour for “Home of the Strange“. And just the energy in the room–we were sitting at a table instead of standing in the mosh pit, but the energy seemed to ebb from the stage and spread everywhere.

The encore was probably the best, when they ended on their most popular song, “My Body“.  It was probably the only time I wished I was on the dance floor, jumping to the song and waving my arms with the crowd. (To be clear, I did do all the singing along and arm-waving…just from my seat.)

One of the more enjoyable parts was that I could sing along as loud as I wanted and still the band filled my ears instead of my poor rendition. (What that says about the current state of my ear drums, I’ll let you decide.)

Speaking of poor renditions, we were seated so far that, while we got a good view of the band, the resolution of my camera was really bad. The only picture I have is this grainy shot of the lead singer, Sameer Gadhia, which gives you maybe a fraction of the atmosphere in the room.

When I went into the concert, I told my sister that I was going to record my favourite songs if they played them. I wanted the memory of the concert stored forever, but I only actually recorded one: “Apartment“. I was too busy enjoying myself to even consider hitting the record button on my phone.

When I went back and looked at the one recording I did take, the audio was more or less flawless. I could hear my own voice in the beginning until I realized the mic would pick up my voice more than the band, but other than that, it was spot on for sound. And I still listen to it, but it didn’t really capture the concert anymore. In fact, because Young the Giant sound the same live and recorded, I could have been listening to the album with white noise overtop for the crowd.

It made me think of that saying, “Pics, or it didn’t happen.” The video will forever remind me that I went to the concert, but it isn’t a stand in for it. And besides the video, I have other mementos too. I bought a poster (after much deliberation) and I even got a guitar pick that one of the techs threw to the crowd once the concert was over. And in a way, those are better, because those things were physically there as well…not some digital ghost of what had happened there.

So, I guess you could say,

Picks, or it didn’t happen.

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