A Delayed Book Hangover

the short storyI miss Percy Jackson.

Or rather, I miss the rush of following a series.

the long story
There’s a thrill when you’re reading a really good book. The rush of knowing that these characters are people you want to be your best friends and this plot is going to mean something to you.

This thrill is just extended when you read a good series. The anticipation of the next book, intensified if the next book is the finale.

Which brings me, once again, to Percy Jackson.

I have a confession to make: I didn’t grow up reading Harry Potter. I didn’t even grow up reading Percy Jackson, to be honest, though if I had read the books as they published, I would have been the same age as the Percy and Annabeth in some books.

Rather, I read both series while I was in high school. But between the two of them, the series that really hit home for me was Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I don’t know if it was because I’d seen the Harry Potter movies and already felt familiar with characters when I read the books, or if it’s because PJO fed into my obsession with mythology.

But I never had a proper book hangover over it. After I finished PJO, The Lost Hero had been published and I jumped headfirst into that series.

Recently, I’ve been missing that feeling of reading an excellent series for the first time. I miss reading about a protagonist and thinking, I want to get to know you. I miss reading a conflict and praying, I hope this ends well.

And I have discovered something: I am in constant danger of falling in love with stories.

I am in constant danger of finding a book that I won’t want to put down. I am in constant fear that I won’t find another story or set of characters that I will love as much as other books series I have loved before.

Maybe that’s why I’ve been in a slump? Maybe.



8 thoughts on “A Delayed Book Hangover”

    1. I read Magnus Chase and was plesantly surprised. I didn’t realize The Trials of Apollo is being released soon!

      Though I will say, looking for that same rush from the same author is a double edged sword. It might be just as great, or it might not be, because if comparison ti orevious work. I had that problem with Magnus Chase at first.

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  1. I hate that feeling! Forever Young Adult calls it TEABS (The End of an Awesome Book Syndrome). It is both what throws me back into reading (chasing the feeling) and what keeps me from trying another book (because how could anything ever be so good again!?).

    Luckily, the new Apollo book set in the Percy Jackson universe is coming out soon! You don’t have to mourn yet!


    1. That’s exactly it! I’m also really excited for the Apollo series, because its bound to be different from Riordan’s usual fare. And all the chapter titles are haikus!


    2. Are they really!? That’s amazing. I’m really in love with the idea of mortal Apollo. I think Riordan will do a good job turning him from the “dumb hot guy” trope into a fully developed character.


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