The Playlist | Amerika by Young The Giant

the short story
Favourite band + New song = the only thing I listen to all Friday

the long story

I’ve made it not secret that my favourite band is Young the Giant. They haven’t made a single song that I disliked, and I have been dying for a third album since my high from their second album, Mind Over Matter, ended. And that was nearly two years ago!

Then, Thursday evening, they released a new song from their upcoming (!) album, Home of the Strange, called “Amerika.”

Is it YTG’s best song ever? No. But “Crystallized” and “It’s About Time” were released before Mind Over Matter came out, and those were, in my opinion, not the best songs on that album.

But it still has that chill beach vibe, that vintage rock sound, and those poetic lyrics. Plus, Sameer Ghadia’s voice.

And when an In The Open is recorded? I might die.


2 thoughts on “The Playlist | Amerika by Young The Giant”

    1. Oh do! Or even just go on youtube and type in “Young the Giant In the Open”–their acoustic sessions. Click on literally any of the videos and be amazed.

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