The Playlist | Seasons of Love from Rent

the short story

So…I’m still caught up in show tunes. the long story

I was watching Hamilton interviews, and learned that Lin Manuel Miranda was largely inspired by the musical Rent when he started playwriting, particularly In the Heights.

So naturally, I started looking for the soundtrack.

Why are showtunes so freaking fun to listen to? I was debating between this song and “La Vie Boheme” to post this weekend, but “Seasons of Love” won out.

If you’re wondering why the clip embedded above looks like the opening of a movie, it’s because it is. After nearly 10 years of running on Broadway, the musical was turned into a movie with most of the original Broadway cast reprising their roles.

I remember when I first learned about Broadway, the first musicals I heard were Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera. With that kind of introduction, you can imagine what I thought musicals were: dated, classy, operatic.

But Wicked, Rent, In the Heights and Hamilton show that musical theatre are far from growing old. I would love a radio station that played exclusively show tunes.

Any more show tunes I should be listening to? Let me know in comments!


8 thoughts on “The Playlist | Seasons of Love from Rent”

  1. I used to live in New York City and that time, “American Idiot” was on Broadway. I loved that show so much. I watched it about 35 times. XD RENT is one of my favorites and I used to have so many recordings of it. So many actors that I admire did RENT and it’ll always be an integral part of musical theatre.

    I was lucky to see “In the Heights” on it’s final week on Broadway, on LMM’s first night back. My friend and I won lotto and we were front and center. That’s another show that holds a special place in my heart.

    Other favorites: Avenue Q, Wicked (duh lol), HAIR, South Pacific, Les Miserables, Sweeney Todd.

    I can go on and on!


  2. I am a gigantic musical fan. I love Sound of Music, Rent, Les Mis, Phantom, Annie, South Pacific, Newsies, Pippin, Music Man among others. In terms of all types of theatre, I find myself being the most emotionally engaged with musicals. In musicals, I feel like I can truly care about the lives of the characters. Musicals are known for being emotional and they are commonly associated for comedies. While most musicals are comedies, so glad that tragedies like Les Mis and Rent exist


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