Everything Stays (A Cover)…And Video Editing!

the short story

So…this is what happens when I get bored on a Saturday afternoon.

the long story

I was really bored yesterday and realized that I hadn’t broken out my ukelele in a while. Not knowing what to play, I wen ton ultimateguitar.com and searched the Top 100 uke chords.

There were a lot of expected songs: Somewhere Over the Rainbow, La Vie En Rose, Hey Soul Sister, and quite a few Twenty One Pilots songs. But “Everything Stays” caught my eye right away and I knew I had to play it.

The song was written by Rebecca Sugar, who wrote songs for Adventure Time and is Cartoon Network’s first female producer with the creation of Steven Universe. (I highly recommend you go and watch Steven Universe, it is amazing.)

“Everything Stays” is from Stakes, the spinoff miniseries based on Marceline from Adventure Time. It was great that Sugar got a cameo as Marcy’s mother in the series, especially since she got to sing!

I really like “Everything Stays”, and decided to try singing it myself. Then I decided to try filming it. And then I decided to practice some video editing with the outtakes.

I’ve only done this a few times before, so I don’t know how well it looks. If you like this cover, mention it in the comments, and maybe I’ll do more in the future…

Anyways, take care guys!


4 thoughts on “Everything Stays (A Cover)…And Video Editing!”

  1. This was fantastic! You have a great voice. I love Adventure Time songs, and this has that sad/happy feel. My vote is that you should definitely do more covers. 🙂


  2. Okay first of all!
    New theme thingie!
    I just realised it’s been a while since I visited!
    Lovin’ it! ❤

    Obviously I love your cover, but you should also do one for La Vie En Rose- I'm really excited to see how that works out (I love that song because of HIMYM of course)

    And *very casually* twenty one pilots?

    *trying hard to remain casual* Did you by chance mention this band called.. twenty one pilots?

    *not very casual because we need a bit screamo here* DO ITTTTTT!
    I COMMAND YOU TO DO IT!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I make no promises on what I will cover in the future, only that I WILL be making more covers because it was fun to do this!

      I will admit though, I like the sound the uke brings to old songs like La Vie En Rose and Dream a Little Dream of Me.

      As for Twenty One Pilots…there are one or two songs I’ve considered….mostly because I don’t trust myself to do screamo and I’m sure I cannot do TOP justice.

      Liked by 1 person

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