The Playlist | Hamilton (ALL of it)

I was having a hard time trying to decide which song to post, since I’ve been listening to a lot of new songs recently. But two days ago, I decided to download the Hamilton soundtrack and listen to it on my commute. I’d seen enough posts on tumblr, references in social media, and finally that Grammy win, I’d couldn’t resist anymore.

I fell in love almost immediately.

It’s American history, it’s a wide variety of broadway/hip hop/RnB music, and it’s brilliant. One of the nice things about musicals is that their soundtracks basically tell the entire story. I’ve never been fond of American history (I’m Canadian, for starters) but this is a story to listen to.

In many ways, this method of storytelling reminds me of Starkid. For some reason, as soon as I heard George Washington and King George III, I thought of Dylan Saunders and Joe Walker respectively. I think it’s because of the modern and relatable approach to a formal story. I mean, rap battles representing debates in the senate?

And a pseudo-love letter from King George III to America upon the Declaration of Independence? (With the voice of Jonathan Groff? Yes, please.)

See, Disney? This is how you use his voice. And speaking of Disney, this villain song for Aaron Burr is so Disney-worthy:

I remember watching Lin-Manuel Miranda’s performance at the White House several years ago. Somehow, I ended up watching it after watching slam poetry. I thought it was clever, but never expected it to become this whirlwind success of a musical.

It was so hard to not embed every single song in this post. I highly recommend listening to the full album if, like me, you are not fortunate enough to watch the live show. (You can listen to the whole thing on Spotify or this playlist on Youtube.) It’s an experience to just listen to, I can barely imagine how awesome the full show is.

Have you seen/listened to Hamilton? Let me know in comments!


3 thoughts on “The Playlist | Hamilton (ALL of it)”

  1. YES YES YES TO HAMILTON. I got into it around September (?) after many people in the Les Mis fandom started to listening to it. And, well… Yes. I’ve listened to it far to much! The music and lyrics are just so great. SO GREAT. Sadly I can’t go to see the show — though I live in hope — but I recently saw his other musical In The Heights and enjoyed it immensely!


    1. I haven’t listened to the In The Heights album yet but I want to. Miranda is a really great lyricist and songwriter.

      I also find the Hamilton cast impressive because the following pairs of characters are played by the same actor, and yet they sound different: Lafayette/Jefferson, Peggy/Maria, Mulligan/Madison, Laurens/Philip. The first two especially surprise me.

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    2. Yes, I don’t think I would have noticed if I wasn’t looking at the song artists — for me that really showcases the talent of the cast!


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