IMR | How Long Do You Wait To Re-Read a Book?

Do you like to reread books? I know there are some bloggers out there that don’t, but what’s the point of buying a book if you’re only going to read it once? That’s why the second highest recommendation I have for books is “buy”—you should own the book so you can reread it whenever you please.

I recently finished a re-read of Julia Golding’s Dragonfly. I first read this book about six years ago, and as a result I didn’t remember much of it. I did remember that I thought the story was okay, and that the romance was sort of sweet. I decided to pick it up because I was looking for something light, sweet, and funny.

So, imagine my surprise when I start reading and discover there’s religious conflict, politics, and clashing cultures. I had completely forgot about all the world building, and my brain had only stored about a fifth of the plot.

I mean, Dragonfly is still a pretty easy read compared to other books I’ve read, but I started appreciating a whole new depth to the story.

So my question is, when do you reread a book? How long do you wait until you pick a novel up again? I really enjoyed Dragonfly because I didn’t remember much of the story. It was like reading the book for the first time again. Like watching a movie with key parts spoiled because the trailer I’d watched gave too much of the plot away.

But then there are the books that I reread almost immediately or soon after finishing (say, three months after the first read). Books like Carry On, Winter, and Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

And then there are the instances where the next book in a series is coming out so I reread the series before the release, like my reread of PJO and Heroes of Olympus before the release of Blood of Olympus.

So what about you? Do you reread books and how long do you wait after your last read until you pick it up again? Let me know in comments!


12 thoughts on “IMR | How Long Do You Wait To Re-Read a Book?”

  1. Agree with you on what’s the point of buying a book if you’re going to read it once – might as well go to the library. I plan to do a lot of rereads this year, hopefully. I read depending on my mood. I think Harry Potter is due for a reread asap as I’ve only read it once 2 years ago. Recently I’ve been watching the films and its making me want to read it again 🙂

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    1. The Order of the Phoenix is my least favourite because it was just so long and felt not much happened except for the ending. Thanks! Can’t wait to get stuck into reading it again 😀


  2. I just re-read Carry On, which is unusually fast for me, but….you can’t blame me because apparently you did the same! In general, the soonest I will re-read a book is after a year or two has passed. I think that rhythm was ingrained in me from series-preparation-rereads. Usually that is long enough that the story feels a little fresh, but the best is probably when I wait more than five years so that some of the themes and emotions have been forgotten.

    I struggled with this when moving to Greece – as in, should I weigh down my suitcase with books I KNOW I like but will be re-reads, or should I risk it on bringing new books? I wound up going half and half, and the ones that will be re-reads were all over a couple years ago.


    1. Carry On deserves an early reread! I missed out on so much during my first read. And 50/50 is always a good idea! (my reading challenge this year is based off that)

      This is going to sound off topic, but once I watched an interview of Jackie Chan who said this about watching a movie: “I always have to watch a movie twice. Once to analyze the story, the acting, and the way it’s filmed. The second time, I just enjoy it.” I feel like this is the same thing with books sometimes (like in the case of Carry On.)


    2. I like that idea a lot, although I think I would switch them – I enjoy the movie (or book) first, then think more critically the second time through.


  3. I always think there’s some benefit to rereading so I am a rereader. Most times I only do that for books I really love though. I seldom reread a book I hated in hopes of loving it the second time around, but I have done it for that reason before (especially when it comes to classics). And there’s no time period in which I wait before giving a second go. Sometimes I’ll reread the same year I read it the first time. Other times there’ll be a 5 year gap. I guess it all depends if I miss a story/world or am in a mood for it!


    1. Yeah, I guess the reread is completely random, but the reason why I reread is always because I loved the book and wanted to experience it again.


  4. Hello! I wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog and that I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award. 🙂 If you’d like to join this daisy chain, you can make a post with seven facts about yourself and nominate 7 -15 other blogs to share the love. If you can, I think they like if you use their logo – you can find that on my post or via google. Hope you’re having a good day!


    1. Oh wow, thank you! I’ve been really bad about nominations and tags recently, but hopefully I can get this done ASAP 🙂


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