IMR | Definitive Proof That I Was Not a Teenage Shipper

….or proof that I didn’t pay attention.

I’m currently rereading Alison Croggon’s Books of Pellinor as part of a readalong hosted by Book Wars. I read this series about 8 years ago, and I don’t remember much except that it was my introduction to high fantasy and I loved it a lot.

Oh, and that I was thoroughly surprised when Cadvan and Maerad ended up together.

See, as a thirteen year old, I was excited by the magic and the system of Barding and the Knowing and the elemental spirits. I didn’t really care if Maerad ended up with Cadvan or Dernhil or even that Ice King in the second book. The funny thing is that it’s sort of crazy that I didn’t consider it earlier, because from book one, there are hints and blushes and looks and…dear god, I was really ignorant.

I mean, there are at least five incidents in the first book alone where Cadvan and Maerad were mistaken or viewed as lovers or a married couple. And Maerad comes to trust Cadvan more than anyone in the world.

At the very least, it proves that I didn’t care much for shipping back then as I do now. Now, I’m eager to read more to see how their relationship grows.

Check out the discussion post on Book Wars, but fair warning, there’s spoilers!


2 thoughts on “IMR | Definitive Proof That I Was Not a Teenage Shipper”

  1. I know what you mean! I haven’t read this book in particular, but I feel like I never cared about the romance when I was younger. I just wanted to get onto the action scenes 😛


    1. Haha me too. And I still find myself excited for those actin scenes, but I’m also now excited to see how this relationship grows. Are there pairings that you ship now that you didn’t before?

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