The 50/50 Reading Challenge

Happy New Year guys!

I have some big plans for the new year, including my new job, this here blog, and some other side projects

But that’s for another time! Today, I want to introduce the reading challenge I’ve made for myself this year, and that is The 50/50 Reading Challenge.

The rules are simple: read as many new books as I reread old books in one year.

This idea stemmed from the fact that my TBR is full of not only books I haven’t read yet, but there’s a subsection of books that I am dying to reread: Inkheart, The Book Thief, This Dark Endeavour…you know what? If you just check this page, you’ll see a fraction of my TBR.

I will be keeping track on this page, which will be in the menu above.

I’m already really excited for this because I’m going to do a reread hosted by Book Wars of the Books of Pellinor by Allison Croggon. I haven’t read this series since my first read of it in high school, and I just remember really enjoying this epic fantasy. We’re starting with the first book, The Naming, in January, and reading a novel per month, so if you want to join in, please do!

And…to make things interesting (because the rules for my challenge are fairly simple), I will read all the books recommended in comments on the tracking page. HOWEVER, I will only read the first suggestion per commenter, so choose carefully!

Oh, and if anyone wants to join me in my 50/50 challenge, please do!


2 thoughts on “The 50/50 Reading Challenge”

  1. Your TBR pile looks pretty similar to mine, at least in the “new” book pile. I wholeheartedly recommend the Throne of Glass series – I’ve read all four books that have been released, though I’ve yet to read the prequel Assassin’s Blade, but each book just gets better and better. Sarah J Maas is a truly masterful writer.


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