The Playlist | Uma Thurman

I have been listening to Fall Out Boy’s newest album, American Beauty/American Psycho all week.

I don’t know why I’m only listening to the album now, but I’ve been obsessed with it. And while I like all of the songs, what really got me hooked was “Uma Thurman”

The sole reason? This lyric:

And I slept in last night’s clothes and tomorrow’s dreams
But they’re not quite what they seem

But American Beauty/American Psycho is full of awesome lyrics like that.

There’s this line from “Novocaine”:

If you knew, knew what the bluebirds sang at you,
You would never sing along
Cast them out cause this is our culture
These new flocks are nothing but vultures

And this, from “The Kid’s Aren’t Alright”:

Former heroes who quit too late.
Who just wanna fill up the trophy case again.

And this, from “Twin Skeletons”:

There’s a room in a hotel in New York City
That shares our fate and deserves our pity

The whole album is just pop punk rock poetry.

Patrick Sump’s voice is right up there with Josh Ramsay and Brendon Urie—just, audio gold. They sound exactly the same live as they do recorded, and there’s so much power and vocal range when they sing.

And while I love the jazz riff in the song, this acoustic rendition is quickly becoming a favourite of mine:


4 thoughts on “The Playlist | Uma Thurman”

  1. I adore FOB! The best part of this music video is the end, we see a tank total a truck that has “Article 1, Section 36.03” on its side- a reference to Alabama’s Supreme Court blocking same-sex marriage in the state. Brilliant.

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