The Playlist | Sorry by Justin Bieber

I can’t believe I’m writing this post.

At the same time though, it feels like a waste of time to defend myself. So I won’t.

I like a song by Justin Bieber.

(You have no idea how hard that was to type.)

But yeah, I like this song a lot. I sort of had it on a continuous loop while I was writing a story.

Something about the combination of the interesting background music, the catchy beat, and the lyrics makes me like this song a lot.

Plus, this lyric video is pretty awesome.

My coworker actually got me to listen to this because he told me the music video was pretty good. The primary source of awesome in the music video was that Justin Bieber wasn’t actually there. The music video features two all-women dance crews. I didn’t use it though because it featured both the nae-nae, twerking and a touch too much lipstick.

Plus, the lyric video is pretty awesome (I like the first half more than the second half though.)


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