Can Anyone Tell Me What This Is?

I usually like foreign food. If it’s edible and looks tasty, I’ll try it.

But I have no idea what this is:asian trail mix?

From what I can tell, it’s a mix of peanuts, dried green onions, dried chili peppers, and….dried anchovies? Some sort of Asian trail mix?

It comes in this bag:


And divided into sachets that make me suspicious that it’s some sort of seasoning packet:


I am just super lost with this “snack” (if it is a snack). If you can tell me what this is, please leave it in comments below!


5 thoughts on “Can Anyone Tell Me What This Is?”

  1. It’s a snack! Your trail mix guess was correct. It might seem a bit odd to have entire (dried) fish with your munchables, but they’re really quite good. At least to me. Salty, crunchy, and decently fishy they go REALLY well with peanuts. The individual packaging is just so you can monitor serving sizes better, it’s similar to a bag of airplane peanuts? Just close your eyes, shove a handful in your mouth, and CHEW. It’s not everyone’s taste, but it’s a good thing to try at least once.


    1. It CAN also be used on top of dishes though. Rice, noodles, salads. I like it with white rice and an omelette.


    2. I usually have a bowl of white rice, then I sprinkle this on that, and cover it all with a Thaiomelet. This is a different type of omelet, it’s fluffier and crispier than an American omelet. It also has fish/soy sauce in it, so it goes with the flavor of the snack. Look up “kai jeow”, its a Thai style omelet, they’re delicious and go really well with rice.


    3. Thanks for telling me! 🙂 I actually liked it—it was a good combination of salty and spicy without the oily of potato chips. Plus peanuts are awesome!


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