Top 10 Things I Can’t Wait For in Winter

People who haven’t read The Lunar Chronicles may misinterpret this as a post about the season—with snow, and hot chocolate, and Christmas.

I may make a post about that, but not today. No, this post is about Marissa Meyer’s final instalment of her Lunar ChroniclesWinter, which comes out in ten days.


Not only am I desperate to read how this series ends, I have created a list of the top ten things I am especially ready to read (or…perhaps what I hope will happen). Let’s begin!

1. Thorne getting his sight back

…and he can’t handle how cute Cress is. Because let’s be honest. Cress is adorable and Thorne hasn’t seen her cleaned up yet. You know, without the miles of hair and proper clothes and she has a tan now… Not to mention that fantasy she has of him in her head that he has to compete against.

You know what? I just want Thorne/Cress adorableness. Is that so wrong? And I feel like Thorne wouldn’t be able to handle all of Cress’s cute. He’d just stare at her. All the time. When he thinks she isn’t looking. Making Cress totally uncomfortable.

And then Cinder would have to tell him to calm the crap down.

2. Scarlet and Wolf reunion

Scarlet and Wolf have a special place in the part of my brain reserved for OTPs. Wolf is just so dedicated to her…I want to read him finally, finally having her safe. He’d probably flip out that her finger is missing. And then she would have to calm him down. And finally admit to him that she’s in love with him, because she technically hasn’t said it yet. (COME ON, SCARLET.)

(If you haven’t guessed, I’m hoping for a lot of adorable OTP scenes in this novel….which may or may not involve one or more parties being unable to handle it—myself excluded. The Lunar Chronicles is just loaded with them.)

3. Winter’s point of view

I’m only halfway through my reread of Cress, so I don’t remember everything…but I do remember that Winter’s point of view was freaking awesome. She just has a really unique voice—that of a person going insane and knows it. She’s also pretty sheltered, like Cress. But unlike Cress, she doesn’t really seem to have any skills. She’s super sneaky though. I can’t wait to read more about her.

4. Cinder finding her place

Three books into this series, and I’m still not sure where Cinder will be happy. I know she’d prefer to be by Kai’s side. I know she wants her friends to be happy and safe. I know that she wants to end Levana’s reign of terror. I know she wants to have full control of her Lunar gift. But I also know that she wants freedom.

And so far, I haven’t really seen what will make her happy. Maybe Winter can be Queen of Luna and Cinder will be the royal mechanic/Lunar ambassador/empress consort of the Eastern Commonwealth?

5. The revolution

I’m sort of betting on a secret resistance already existing in Artemisia. You know, the cliche resistance waiting for the princess to arrive and take control. Whether or not that resistance is going to support Winter or Selene is completely unknown to me. Because while I can see people rallying with Cinder/Selene due to her birthright, I can also see them rallying behind Winter, since she’s been on Luna, she knows what the people need.

Except for the fact that she’s insane. Speaking of which…

6. Winter’s backstory

Pretty sure we all want to know the story behind those scars. What did Winter do to provoke Levana? Not that Levana really needs much provocation to do anything.But how were they formed? Would Levana have used her Lunar gift to force Winter to claw at her own face? Tell. Me.

Also, I figure that Winter refuses to use her gift because she hated how her stepmother used her father. But I want to hear it from her. Why?

7. Jacin’s breaking out of his walls

Jacin is a stoic rock. He’s basically a brick. I am more than excited to learn about his actual character, something that I feel will only be done through his and Winter’s eyes. It’s very clear that his only soft spot is for Winter. He’d probably do anything for her.

But I want Jacin to make friends with the rest of the crew. I have a feeling he’d get along with Wolf if he tried. He sort of seemed to warm up to Cinder in Cress. He’d probably like Scarlet considering how Winter’s sort of adopter her as a best buddy.

8. Heartbreak

To be clear—none of the character’s hearts breaking. Just mine. With all the epic climactic (near) sacrifices. Well, I hope they’re near sacrifices.

Oh, and reunions. Like Winter and Selene. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling Winter would recognize Cinder right away as her beloved cousin Selene. And with her childish attitude, I can just picture her seeing Cinder and running to her yelling, “SELENE!!!! You’re alive! Where have you been? You missed all of my birthday parties!”

Aw, so cute.


Well, except this next person…

9. Levana’s end

Death is the preferable mode of defeat. With a huge reveal to everyone about her horribly disfigured face. Oh, and showing how old she is. She’s got to be, what, forty now? Basically any information that proves how absolutely disgusting it would be for Kai to marry her. (Besides the fact that she’s clinically insane.)

10. Happily Ever After

Because every fairy tale ends in “Happily Ever After”, right? The nice thing about this series is that, while each book has been sort of predictable in plot, I’m still not sure how they will all end up in the end. With Levana taken from power and Luna and Earth at peace, where will everyone be? Requirements include Kai and Cinder together, Wolf and Scarlet together, Cress and Thorne together, and Jacin and Winter together, because obviously that has to happen.

But what will they be doing? Is Kai still going to be emperor? Who will be queen of Luna? Will Scarlet go back to the farm? Where will Cress stay? What about Iko? Will Thorne by pardoned? (He better be.)

And someone better get engaged (at the very least).

So that’s the end of my list. What are you excited for in Winter? Let me know in comments!


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