I May Have a Problem

See this gigantic pile of books?IMAG0344

I bought that in one summer. It doesn’t even include Go Set A Watchman, which I bought with a friend who now has the copy, or the books I preordered because Winter gets published in November.

Do you know how many books I usually buy in a summer? Three, maybe four. 

Getting a job has seriously changed my book buying habits. I used to buy books only on a special occasion (read: sudden source of financial income that I won’t feel guilty spending (i.e. Christmas money)), because hey, books are expensive little buggers. Paper and ink come with a price.

But now I suddenly have a source of income to fund my book buying tendencies. Which are much more frequent than I thought they would be.

And the worst part? I already have books that I bought before this that I’ve put off reading because I bought these ones.

Which is why, once again, I have to put myself on a book buying ban.

(Did I even mention that this pile includes the fact that I put myself on a book buying ban for the month of July? Because I did. That was only two months ago.)

This is a rather sore point with me because my mom and sister don’t understand why I like to buy books. They both think I’m wasting money because I’m “never going to read them after the first time,” and “you’ll just pick up Harry Potter again.”

To which I continually reply, This is only my first time re-reading Harry Potter!” Which is true.

I’ve been trying to think of ways to moderate my reading process. Because besides the unread books that I have piled up, I want to reread books too. I think I should balance it so for every new book I read, I reread another book.

But I’d love some help! How do you control your book buying habits? Do you coordinate what you read? Let me know in comments!


22 thoughts on “I May Have a Problem”

  1. You most certainly do NOT have a problem :] this summer I purchased 20 in hand books and 20 on my kindle. That doesn’t include the books I have been given by authors either. Buy on!


  2. My mother’s policy for me is pretty much abstinence which is why, so far, I have rarely ever been on a book buying spree. I only buy on birthdays and another time once a year when there’s a book sale or something.
    Therefore I have developed a sort of strategy where I don’t take my book buying privileges for granted- I ask myself 394 times whether I must buy this book, and if I can download it and read, then I tend to not buy.
    P.S. I still manage to buy more books than my mother lets me 😛 but that’s a different story.


  3. If and when I do get a job though, I’m sure I’ll be the same as you!
    Even now there’s 5 books lying on my table that I call my “immediate to-read”

    Hey! Just noticed the new blog theme! Loving the water colour effect! 😀


  4. OMG!!! I love this new design!!! When did it come?! OMG, I feel so behind on my commenting but I’m making it up by saying I AM INFATUATED WITH THIS DESIGN!!!
    Btw, me too girl!!! My book buying spree is getting way out of hand. I keep scolding myself to reign it in but all it takes is a free shipping code and I’m sucked right back in.


    1. I’m behind in commenting too! I need to spend a good day just catching up on blogging.

      The new design is fairly recent—just last weekend. I’m glad you like it 🙂

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  5. I have also realized that I have a problem after purchasing an absurd amount of books over the summer because I had nothing else to put my money towards. I’ve heard of methods like you can buy a book for every book read (as long as you own it). I just decided to buy books that were on bargain online or used rather than go to the store. Start shopping at book outlet or looking at the ebook daily/monthly deals. The books are much, much cheaper and you won’t feel bad when the six books you ordered only cost $23 with shipping.

    But if you find any other methods, let me know!


    1. I usually look for the books I want in thrift stores (it’s where I got my copy of the Hunger Games). And I only buy from Chapters when there’s a sale.

      Though I recently learned about a used book store where you can trade in books. It’s fairly close to where I live, I’ll probably check it out soon.

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  6. Well, I am a broke 15 year old who depends on her mum for money… that’s my strategy XD I still have a bunch of books that are sitting around maybe 6-8 books? I think I just have to think about whether I really want the book or if I’m buying it because it’s a book.


  7. I don’t have any advice on this since I am the exact same way! I’m glad I’m not the only one. Actually, I can make one suggestion: if you don’t mind used books, you should try buying your books on thriftbooks.com. ThriftBooks has all my money ha, I buy used books (you choose the condition, I always buy good condition) for really cheap there all the time. Sometimes it feels like I get packages weekly from them. The only issue is that you can’t usually find new releases because all their books are used.

    So I guess I don’t have advice on how to stop buying books, but I have some advice on how to save a little money!


  8. I see no problem! If you have the money, spend it on things you love (aka books!)

    If you really want to cut down on your book-buying habit, as I had to during a pay cut, I instituted a Library First rule. If I KNEW I would love a book because it was part of a series, I went ahead and bought it. But if it was a new book, I always checked it out from the library. If I loved it and knew I would re-read it or lend it (or just wanted it sitting pretty in my house), only THEN would I buy it.


    1. I’ve heard that some people only buy books after they’ve read them. My problem with this is that my to-re-read pile is at a lower priority than my to-read pile.

      But then the question becomes: is it worth spending money on something I’m not sure I would like?


  9. This is a great haul! There’s a lot of books on here I’ve enjoyed but also a good many I’m looking forward to. And don’t feel too bad, I think I bought about the same amount this summer. Book buying bans just never work out. I feel like I always reason these purchases by reminding myself how most of them were such wonderful bargains. But then there’s those expensive hardbacks that I preorder but they were given buys that I couldn’t pass up. XD

    I’m not sure where you live but maybe you could try buying bargain books? The only downside is that they sometimes have a black marker mark on the bottom of the book but they’re not too noticeable. I like to check bookoutlet, and my local bookstore has a mean bargain sale year round. They’re always new books but just for a couple of bucks.

    And I may be noticing this pretty belated but I like your new theme and design, Leanna!


    1. I definitely defended most of these purchases with discounts. The bigger problem is that the sum of a lot of discounts is still a lot of money 😛

      Glad you like the new look 🙂

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