HP Challenge Day 28 – Wrocking Out

Today’s prompt is: “Do you listen to Wizard Wrock?”

And despite my proclaimed love of musical fan adaptations, I don’t actively go looking for them.

Honestly, the farthest I ever went in Wizard Wrock is Hank Green:

…and that’s it.


7 thoughts on “HP Challenge Day 28 – Wrocking Out”

    1. I know! My favourite Hank Green song changes every few weeks too…that one week when “The Vegetables” was stuck in my head was the height of mortification.

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    2. Hahaha!
      I know right?!? The same happened to me too…
      No technically, my current favourite is Hank Green raps about W00tstock (it’s brilliant, check it out if you haven’t!)
      I meant my current favourite Harry Potter song by Hank.
      Anyway, I think it’s about to change to This is not Harry Potter. 😛


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