HP Challenge Day 27 – Pick a Horcrux, Any Horcrux

I should havrentioned this the other day: I’ve made some amendments to the prompts in order to make them a little more interesting. I’m sorry if you’ve missed them because I forgot to mention it! Regardless, I;m sure your posts have been awesome!

That being said, I’m replacing today prompt, “Which Deathly Hallows would you want?” (since everyone basically answered that question on Day 10). Instead, inspired by comments that I read on someone’s HP 30 Day Challenge post for Day 10 (help with the source would be awesome), today’s post is:If you had to take a piece of your soul and place it in an inanimate object, which do you choose?


I have two options, which are ironically similar to Voldemort’s.

A Notebooktumblr_nju3ceJHjh1sakhsso1_500

There is something that Tom Riddle’s Diary could do that the other horcruxes couldn’t—and that is communicate. And if your soul had to go on in an inanimate object, couldn’t it be one that could still interact with the world, however limited?

The only problem is that Voldemort kind of ruined that for everyone else. One evil diary—and now the stigma towards it is crazy.

That’s why my second choice is a necklace. 

One of my most prized possessions is this jade necklace carved to look like a whale’s tail:

I'm too lazy to actually take a picture of mine...
I’m too lazy to actually take a picture of mine…

My friends all knew that I owned this necklace, it was practically my identifier, and for some reason I treated it as my good luck charm when I was younger.

If I had a horcrux I would want it to be something personal, something so obviously me…and yet easy to miss, so it wouldn’t be easily found and destroyed. Because there’s plenty of whale tail jade necklaces out there. And it needs to be an unassuming object…




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