HP Challenge Day 24 – What Was The Film Missing?

Today, the Harry Potter Challenge is asking, “Which scene do you wish was filmed, but wasn’t?”

You mean besides all of this?

The one scene that I really wish to be filmed was Tom Riddle’s backstory.

As I mentioned in my favourite male character post, essential to any good story is a well developed protagonist. Voldemort’s story is rich with neglect and bad choices—and the movie watchers never really get to see that.

Sure, we know Voldemort suffers from a lack of love, but why is a completely unanswered question in terms of the movies. The sixth movie would have been much improved with the addition of the story of Merope Gaunt and Tom Riddle.

Even the fan adaptations recognize that this is key to the story:


So why didn’t the movies?


Make the story even longer with a comment:

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