HP Challenge Day 22 – Only or Not at All?

I’m going to be honest…if I had to choose between only reading Harry Potter, and never reading Harry Potter at all…no contest:


Okay, Harry Potter has a lot going on:

  • Underdog introduced to a world a magic where he’s accepted
  • Magic castle school
  • Awesome magic system (yes, I am talking about the wands)
  • Snarky, relatable, non-OP protagonist
  • Fun sidekick character who isn’t just a sidekick
  • Strong, intelligent female characters
  • Complicated side characters with deep backstories
  • Discussions on prejudice, suppression and discrimination
  • A complicated understanding of death
  • Teen angst and romance
  • Epic adventure and actual danger
  • Family drama
  • Heartbreaking deaths
  • Evil bad guy who literally wants to take over the world
  • And a bajillion other things

It’s basically five hundred books in seven. But would I pick seven books over five hundred?

Would I really give up Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, and Legend? Would I give up the works of John Green, Rainbow Rowell, and Scott Westerfeld? Daughter of Smoke and Bone? Dr. Seuss? Lunar Chronicles? The Giver?

Nope, I’m not going to give that all up.

I’m sorry, Harry.


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