HP Challenge Day 21 – Resurrection

The questions just get more and more challenging. Today on the 30 day Harry Potter Challenge: Which character do you bring back from the dead?

To which I reply with my typical: NOT. FAIR.

Can I bring all the good people back? Can I? Please?

Okay, so there’s one person who I’d probably bring back for certain.

(I’m sorry, Dumbledore, James, Lily, Cedric, Snape, Mad-Eye, Remus, Tonks, Fred, Hedwig, and Dobby!)

(Especially Dobby, because his death wrecked me.)


So…yeah, by process of elimination, you’re guessing that I choose to bring back Sirius. Mort_de_sirius_black

My rationale is this: without his parents’ deaths, Harry Potter doesn’t exist at all. But that doesn’t mean he can’t have a parental figure.

Sirius deserved a better life than he got. (Arguably, so did most of the characters who died, but wait for it.) He grew up in house he hated, ran away from home at sixteen. He took the fall for a crime her never actually committed, therefore landing himself in Azkaban for twelve years, while he’s thinking about his poor godson without any family and that rat he used to call friend still running around. His last best friend, Remus, hates him for “killing Peter” and dementors feed on his misery day in and out.

The moment he’s free, he has to go in hiding, only to see Harry put in danger and the return of the Dark Lord. Then, he can’t even help because the Aurors are after him. And the one chance he gets to help, he dies.

Sirius deserves another chance to live. If Sirius survived, he would have taken Harry in after the Battle of Hogwarts. He would have taken in Teddy too. Then it’d be their own version of Two and a Half Men for a while. I feel like surviving all of that would teach Sirius some responsibility. He was reckless, and that was what got him killed, but if he survived, he’d probably be a lot more cautious.

Maybe he could just step back though that veil bearing gifts from Narnia?

*the sound of crickets in response to my vlogbrothers reference…*

Anyways, that’s my thoughts. Who would you bring back from the literary dead? Let me know in comments!

6 thoughts on “HP Challenge Day 21 – Resurrection”

  1. I’d choose Sirius too, if I were you. All the deaths in HP were heartbreaking, but when Sirius died, I just… shattered. I literally couldn’t breathe. (I still can’t, every time I think back to that scene.)


  2. I’d choose Sirius as well! I’m not over any of the good guys’ deaths, but Sirius just gets me the most. And like you pointed out, his life hasn’t exactly been fair.
    Also now I want a Two and a Half Men Harry Potter fan fic haha! 😀


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