HP Challenge Day 20 – Which Cast Member?

Today’s question is definitely an interesting one: Which cast member would I want to meet?

This is extremely difficult because the Harry Potter franchise has one of the best casts in history. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Thompson, Maggie Smith, Alan Rickman, Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter, Tom Felton, Matthew Lewis—the list could go for a while, so I’m going to stop myself while I’m ahead.

But I think I’d choose Emma Watson. She’s an amazing actress, an activist, she balanced a Bachelor’s in English Literature with her work. Her HeForShe speech was outstanding, she’s had experiences that I could only dream about. And she’s going to play one of my favourite Disney princesses of all time in the upcoming live action remake of Beauty and the Beast.

I would love for the chance to just talk to her and be inspired. To talk about books and Harry Potter and social issues. To find out more about who she is.

To be honest, she so accomplished I’d probably just be intimidated. I would be intimidated to talk to any of them really. I’d probably have too many questions that I’d never be able to get a word out due to brain overload.

…I think I’m on a brain overload right now from just thinking about it.

So I’m handing it over to you, internet. Tell me which actor you’d like to meet and what you’d ask them in the comments!


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