Harry Potter Day 17 – Favourite Fan Adaptation

Oh, so many to choose from. So many.

So I’m going to take the easy way out and say anything that has to do with music.

I realize this covers quite a bit. This covers Wizard Wrock, musicals, and parodies, but its the latter two that I really prefer, most of which I find on Youtube

I think the first one that I came across was the Harry Potter Puppet Pals’ MysteriousTicking Noise:

As well as Paint’s Harry Potter in 99 Seconds:

And then there’s parodies like “Dark Lord Funk”:

And this hilarious Harry Potter versus Twilight Dance Off:

And AVbyte’s Harry Potter Draw My Life:

And then there’s this short film, “I Ship It”, which features some pretty awesome Wizard Wrock:

You might recognize Joey Richter, who plays Peter in “I Ship It”, from the best fan adaptation of all time:

But’s that’s for another day.


4 thoughts on “Harry Potter Day 17 – Favourite Fan Adaptation”

  1. I know what I’m reblogging on Day 17!
    Okay wait… Maybe not reblogging because I need to do some fangirling of my own, but I’ll post a link to yours because you’ve covered them all!!!!!!


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