Harry Potter Day 16 – My Patronus

Since this day was left blank, huge thanks to mohiletanvi92 and ravenclawsam for coming up with this prompt!

This is such an awesome prompt, and I know exactly which animal I want for my patronus: an owl.


Well, maybe not this owl. But an owl nonetheless.

I’m not in love with anyone, so my patronus wouldn’t be defined by anything like that, even though matching patronuses are sort of adorable….(Lily/James, Tonks, Hermione/Ron…) So what does that leave?

Well, my personality for starters. And symbolism.

Owls are huge in mythology and Harry Potter. They are companions, protectors and guardians of souls, and bringers of change. As nocturnal creatures, they were thought to be associated with the dead, as well as occult knowledge and secrets.

Owls are also kind of solitary, and I’m sort of like that as well.

Plus, couldn’t you imagine this thing attacking a dementor? It would be awesome!

Taken from: http://pre09.deviantart.net/26f6/th/pre/f/2013/318/f/d/owl_patronus_by_tribalchick101-d6u92gn.jpg


And because Buzzfeed has a quiz for this (because, come one, it’s Buzzfeed) I’ll post my result too:

buzzfeedquizpatronusLet me know what form your patronus takes in the comments below!



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