HP Challenge Day 14 – Team Voldemort or Team Harry?

Who would choose Voldy? Seriously?

So I’m altering this prompt slightly: under what circumstances would you join Team Voldemort?

My answer: if I were absolutely and irreversibly insane.

It seems like most people get involved with Voldemort because they are scared. They’re either afraid for themselves or for their loved ones. And yeah, I don’t think I’d join to save my own hide, but to save the people I care about…maybe.

Which brings me to the Malfoys. I am pretty sure that Narcissa and Draco are decent people. And Lucius…well, he…he’s a guy.

But I feel like the reason that the Malfoys were Death Eaters was to protect the family. Yes, they were cowards and they were scared, but they eventually walked away. They joined Voldemort to stay alive, to protect their family. I have a feeling Draco only joined for the sake of his mother. And Draco’s mother stuck around to keep an eye on Draco.

And I can respect that.

See, the problem with this theory is that Voldemort sees love as weakness. So, even if I did join, he’d probably manipulate my loved ones against me anyways.

So…yeah. Only joining if I were insane a la Bellatrix Lestrange.


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