HP Challenge Day 13 – Least Favourite Movie

*Ducks from a bat boogey hex.*

This is actually a really easy one.

I don’t like the sixth movie.

I mean, it has its moments. The Felix Felicis scene was great. The entire cave scene makes me cry and we all know what happens at in the tower.

But it doesn’t balance out boring Ginny and creepy Lavender and “I AM THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE.”


My problem with the sixth movie is this:

That trailer looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

That’s the problem. The other five movies were so serious, I sort of forgot they were kids. Then this movie comes around with a weird mix of serious and teenage comedy drama. It just doesn’t match the tone of the other adaptations.

To be fair, we might have needed a movie like this before the heartbreaking and darker toned two part finale. You know, something to lighten the mood before the end.

But between the poor character dynamic between Harry and Ginny, the lack of Remus/Tonks, “Won-Won”, and the utter fail of Snape’s giant reveal as the Half-Blood Prince, the movie was disappointing.


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