HP Challenge Day 10 – Horcruxes or Hallows?

Okay, let’s get one thing straight: everyone wants an invisibility cloak. EVERYONE.

That being said, it should be obvious that I choose Hallows. Because invisibility cloak.

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It’s definitely an interesting question, because both hallows and horcruxes are items involving death. What’s more, they are both items that involve defeating death.

Horcruxes involve splitting up your soul—giving up your humanity in order to evade death. Hallows involve using Death’s tools against him.

In a way, you lose your humanity either way. Horcruxes mean you have to kill other humans. The Elder Wand can fill you will an all consuming lust for power. And the Resurrection Stone can drive you insane with forgetting the line between life and death.

The Invisibility Cloak is no exception to this. You could hide from death (and everyone else) forever. But still think it would be cool to have.


4 thoughts on “HP Challenge Day 10 – Horcruxes or Hallows?”

  1. If you consider yourself a ‘goodie’ the only choice is the Invisibility cloak, it’s the only option which doesn’t involve hurting someone else, even the resurrection stone hurts the dead because they aren’t resting in peace.
    However, a ‘baddie’ might also want to cloak because you can literally get away with anything with that bad boy.

    Cloak all the way.


    1. Hm, I suppose that’s true, though I don’t think I’d want the elder wand in any case. Strength shouldn’t just come from the wand…that doesn’t make entire sense to me, but I’m not Ollivander so who knows?

      Besides, even Muggles can use the Invisibility Cloak and the Resurrection Stone is actually pretty lame.


    2. The best thing about the invisibility cloak is you can pass it parent to child, and you can have squib children or marry muggles and the cloak can still be used.


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