HP Challenge Day 8 – My Favourite Lesson

I love this question so much: What is your favourite lesson from the series?

Honestly, my answer is as full of indecision as all the other days so far. Harry Potter is full of too many lessons. The importance of love. How our loved ones never leave us. How to be true to yourself. To collaborate with each other despite our differences.

But my favourite lesson of it all is that you only get one life. And it’s up to us to make it worth something.

Voldemort can’t stand dying, but in his efforts to avoid it, he loses his humanity. Harry, on the other hand, is willing to sacrifice himself to take care of the ones he loves.

It sort of combines with the lesson about love and it’s importance in life. The point of life is loving. Harry grows up in an environment without love, and yet he is able to find some, and it gave his life meaning…enough to make him willing to sacrifice it.

My favourite way the Rowling shows off this message is when Harry uses the Resurrection Stone, only to find out that it only lets you talk to the ghosts of the people you summon. You cannot bring people back from the dead. Death is final.

Sounds like a rather morbid message for a children’s story, but at the same time, I feel like its the most important thing we can teach our kids. There is only one shot. Make it count.


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