Review | Champion by Marie Lu

They are legends. They are prodigies.

But are they champions?
44. Champion


Eight months after Anden’s botched assassination, Day now lives in San Francisco with his brother, Eden. He misses June terribly, but the lack of treatment for his condition holds him back.

That is, until June—now Princeps-Elect—calls him and insists he come back to Denver. The Republic is once again in trouble.

With an outbreak of plague along the warfront, the peace treaty with the Colonies is put on hold, and the Republic faces a continuation of the war. The only hope is to find a cure. For that, they need patient zero…Eden.


To be honest, the plot is the weakest part of this book. It’s just so…predictable. While I like the return of the plague, I’m not sure if the cliche why-don’t-we-ask-Eden-because-he’s-the-one-actually-involved plot. And it seemed to be solved so quickly.

The most irritating part is that with the mediocre plot, the only thing really pulling the story along is June and Day’s romance, which isn’t that compelling at all. I mean, I get it, their relationship has a lot of roadblocks (read: walls) that make it difficult, but if they can’t get over them, they can’t be together.

And to top it off, the ending sort of falls on its face. The plausibility of the epilogue is highly improbable to me. And there is no proper closure with the one thing threatening the relationship: the fact that June “killed” his family.

The best part of the plot (because there are some good things) is how Day forces the government to think about all of the people, not just the privileged. You can really see that he’s changing the regime.


Something about June and Day made the romance seem so…forced. I can tell that they care about each other. Day struggling with seeing June and June wracked with guilt both make sense to me and fit with their characters. But once they begin interacting I have a hard time believing them.

Individually, however, they are very well developed. I like how Day realizes how he can actually help change the Republic for the better. I like how June discovers what she wants in life.

Tess’s character development is once again really strained, but I really like Eden and Anden’s development.


Marie Lu knows how to world build. My favourite part has to be the description of Antarctica. That was super interesting. They literally turned living according to the laws into a game in order to enforce good behaviour. That’s an awesome concept, and I wish I could have seen more of it.

As for the dual point of view, I still think Lu can handle the two voices flawlessly.


I like how each system of government has its problems—no government is perfect in this series and to be honest, I don’t think one ever will be.

The point of the story, I think, is to fight for what’s right, in the right way. June and Day never truly become rebels—or rather, they rebel in the right way. They know how to instigate change: with the support of the people around them, by making others want change to occur in a way that is constructive, not destructive.

My only problem is that the romance tears us away from this idea. I’m not sure if Lu is trying to contrast the success of constructive change in their society to the effects of destruction in their relationship, but June and Day’s relationship is just meh. If there was meaning to the relationship, I would say that it’s how we have to forgive past mistakes in order to move forward, but since that never really happens, I don’t really get that message.

Final Verdict

Recommendation: Read. Champion, while not exactly satisfying, manages to tie up the lose ends of the Legend trilogy and keeps its major themes. Definitely finish this series.

Recommendation for Legend Trilogy: Read. I like this trilogy a lot. Marie Lu takes a lot of chances with this series, and some are great, while some fall flat on their face. Definitely give it a try if you’re looking for a good dystopia. I’m fairly impressed with Marie Lu’s work, and am definitely going to look into the Young Elites series.


5 thoughts on “Review | Champion by Marie Lu”

    1. I actually haven’t read The Young Elites though it is in my shelf and if it had eyes it would probably stare at me in a very bad way lol But the second book is about to come out so I should definitely pick it up! And Marie Lu is amazing so that’s another reason ❤

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    2. I’ve just heard great things about the book! I’m just hesitant because the series just started, and I’ve taken a liking to marathoning series.

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    3. ME TOO! I hate reading a book when the series isn’t complete yet. IT IS ABSOLUTE TORTURE! So I end up actually buying all the book fist (if its already out) cause cliffhangers kill me :((((


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