HP Challenge Day 5 – Favourite Male Character

Before I begin my answer to today’s prompt, I have to mention that Day 16 was missing from the original challenge. At the suggestion of RavenclawSam and Mohiletanvi92, Day 16 is about patronuses. Check out the challenge master post to see the prompt.

As for today’s prompt, it’s much harder than the one on Day 1: Favourite male character.

To which I say: NOT FAIR.

My first thought is Harry Potter. And then I think Dumbledore. And then Ron. And then Neville. And then Hagrid. Sirius. Lupin. Mr. Weasley. The Twins. Dobby. Mad Eye Moody. Snape.

It’s too hard!


I tried and tried to pick the best one. And I can’t. They are all amazing.

So, I’m taking an out. I went over the prompts and decided on one of my favourite characters that I knew I wouldn’t be talking about much.

That character is You-Know-Who.

AKA He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

AKA Voldemort.

AKA Tom Marvolo my name was spelled specifically for this awesome anagram thing Riddle.

I think we take for granted that how good a book is heavily depends on the antagonist. There is no story without them. Absolutely none.

And Voldemort is an awful, awful person. Well, he really isn’t a person anymore, is he?

Rowling designed a character so devoid of love, so devoid of conscience, that he could only be terrifying. He’s a sadist. He’s a racist. He’s power hungry and selfish.

He’s the perfect antagonist for a children’s novel.

What I love about Voldemort’s character is the concept behind him and what he represents. Tom Riddle was literally conceived out of manipulation. His mother used a love potion in order to get with his dad. He was kept in a crappy orphanage. He has no home. He was angry and hateful and didn’t know how to treat others with respect, dignity, and kindness.

Rowling designed his story to have parallels with Harry’s for a reason. Circumstance does not make a person. It’s their attitude, their actions, the choices they make.

Voldemort teaches kids that whatever life hands you, it’s up to you to do the thing to make your life better. To make yourself better. Voldemort teaches us that a world devoid of love is a world devoid of humanity. That life is precious—and that one life lived extraordinarily exceeds a life split into seven (eight) pieces many times over.

That the goal of life is not to survive, but to live.

So let me know what you think, who’s your favourite male character from the Harry Potter series? Comment below!


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