HP Challenge Day 4 – Least Favourite Female Character

One of the best things about Harry Potter is that the female cast is so diverse.

Weak, strong, beautiful, ugly, dead, alive, kind, selfish, clever, stupid, loud and quiet—the world of Harry Potter will have it.

…including downright annoying.

Which gets me to today’s topic: Least favourite female character and why?

I’ll just say it. I don’t like Cho Chang.

Of all the female characters in Harry Potter, she’s probably the only one who is only a pretty face. Besides being a fair flier in Quidditch, the only reason Harry seems to fall for her is because she’s beautiful.

I mean, what has Cho Chang contributed to Harry Potter’s life? His first kiss? (Which should have been Hermione or Ginny, obviously.) A lot of heartache and grief?

Okay, so she’s kind enough to be gentle when rejecting Harry for Cedric. But then Cedric dies and all she does in run to Harry so she can cry and talk about Cedric. And then she has the nerve to get jealous about Hermione after she just rubbed Cedric in his face! And then she tells him about all the other guys who have asked her out! That’s not the way to go out to someone for help. That’s manipulating their feelings for you.

And she never apologizes for it. She’s entitled to her feelings. She’s not entitled to make others feel horrible because of them.

No. I refuse to like her. Especially in Order of the Phoenix.

I mean, some people might pick Umbridge or Bellatrix or Moaning Myrtle or even Marietta Edgecombe. And Harry has some annoying girls in his year—Parvati and Lavender are particularly giggly. But I think Cho Chang is the most annoying of them all.


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