IMR | I Finally Understand, Wolf

Wayyy earlier this year, I read Scarlet, the second book in The Lunar Chronicles based off of the classic fairytale, Little Red Riding Hood.

One thing I could not understand is why Wolf was amazed by tomatoes. I mean, I get it: he doesn’t get a lot of fruits and vegetables, he ate meat, which was sometimes raw, and getting with a girl who literally owns a farm means instant access to awesome produce.

But I didn’t understand the tomato part. I don’t hate tomatoes, but I don’t especially favour them over other vegetables.

That is, until now.


You are looking at the best cherry tomatoes I have ever eaten in my life.

They are sweet, and crunchy, and amazing. I got them at a farmer’s market. And now I have the perfect reference point for when I reread Scarlet (which I intend on doing before Winter is released).

That’s the fun thing about reading. We bring our own experiences when we read a book. It makes the reading unique to each individual, since we all have a different collection of memories. And when we don’t have a point of reference to go on, if I’m dedicated to the story enough, I’ll go look for a reference point.

I think it’s why, as a kid, after I heard a story I liked, I’d follow it up with make believe. Any good story will make you feel like you experienced something. And that empathy is key to reading.

And in that way, these tomatoes are not only awesome because they taste amazing, but because they helped me understand.



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