HP Challenge Day 2 – Your Favourite Movie

I did not know that Harry Potter existed until the first movie came out…on DVD.

*runs and hides to avoid the angry mob*

To be fair, I was six when the movie came out.

To be honest, it’s a huge surprise that I didn’t know about Harry Potter sooner. I was obsessed with reading (still am), and I particularly loved fantasy (still do).

But can you imagine how amazing it felt to discover the series? It felt like this scene from my favourite Harry Potter movie:harry-potter-sorcerers-stone-wand

I also like the first movie the most because it set a standard for the rest of the series. The casting was spot on, the movie was faithful to the book, the production quality was outstanding. Compared to most book to movie adaptations, it sets the bar really high.

And could you imagine the sequels we would have gotten if they botched the first one?

(For the lucky ones who don’t know where this comes from, this is Percy and *facepalm* Annabeth singing “It’s a Small World” in…*sighs* the Sea of Monsters movie.)

I shudder at the thought.

Now that you know my thoughts, share your own! Comment below withyou favourite Harry Potter movie and why!


5 thoughts on “HP Challenge Day 2 – Your Favourite Movie”

  1. Our thoughts and likings are eerily similar!
    And hahaha… I love the Percy Jackson video (I haven’t watched the second movie- did not dare to!)
    (Actually I almost started once but stopped after watching the first scene.. Don’t ask me why).

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    1. Haha, I definitely blocked that movie out. I only remember 3 things (because they were all horrible): (1) “What are you doing? Get off my roof.” (2) It’s a Small World and (3) WHY IS KRONOS IN FULL FORM?

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