HP Challenge Day 1 – Your Favourite Book

Welcome to the Harry Potter Challenge! For the next thirty days, I will be posting about our favourite wizard, based on these prompts.

And what better day to start this than the joint birthday of our scarred, bespectacled protagonist and his lovely creator?

I want to start this with a huge THANK YOU to teenagelunatics, RavenclawSam, mohiletanvi92, and MyTinyObsessions, who generously decided to join me in this challenge. And if you want to join to, feel free to!

We’re starting with the worst question of them all: Which book is your favourite?

*whimpers like Ron in front of spiders* But I love them all!

(But some more than others.)

Yeah, so…my favourite book is The Order of the Phoenix.


Order of the Phoenix is where shit gets real. Voldemort is back, Harry is the angstiest he’s ever been, and the world is in peril.

How else is this book awesome? Let me count the ways:

  1. Umbridge. JK Rowling made a character that you hated even more than you hated Voldemort. That takes skill. And this is the book that made us hate her.
  2. The twins make a comebackWho didn’t love the twins pissing Umbridge off with fireworks?  They literally left Hogwarts with a bang.
  3. Occlumency. Not only is this some pretty serious magic, but its the first proper glimpse into Snape’s personality and past. Admittedly, we get some insight into Snape’s character in The Prisoner of Azkaban, but for once it’s in his point of view.
  4. The Room of Requirement. Again, while it did have a brief cameo in The Chamber of Secrets, the room of requirement really makes its debut in this book. And yeah, it might be the deus-ex-machina of rooms, but I love it.
  5. Dumbledore’s army. Harry is fifteen. Fifteen. And now he’s a DADA teacher. And he’s good at it. I love seeing this side of Harry.
  6. EVERYONE HAS A PATRONUS. I love the concept of the patronus, and this the book where we get to see everyone’s patronus, with some hardcore foreshadowing in terms of romantic side plots thrown in.
  7. Nymphadora Tonks. Need I say more?
  8. Also Ginny. Ginny is a badass.
  9. Oh, and Luna Lovegood. Because she’s a ninja.
  10. The battle of the Ministry. This battle is epic. There are heartbreaking deaths, convenient plot points, and Harry gets possessed by Voldemort.
  11. Explanations. Explanations. Explanations. Why does Harry have to stay with the Dursleys all the time? Why did Dumbledore hire a fake like Trelawney? Why did Voldemort try to kill Harry in the first place? Here be answers!

So do you agree? Which Harry Potter book is your favourite? Let me know in comments!


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