The Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge (aka How to Come Back From a Hiatus)

I did not plan on going on hiatus.

And you might say, “Oh, but you’ve been posting reviews. You haven’t been on hiatus.”

The thing is, I want to do more with this blog than just write reviews. I want to write more IMR posts and rants and tags. And it’s been a while since I’ve actually done any of that.

I don’t know if it’s a writing slump (because it certainly wasn’t a reading one) or what. I’m super behind on reviews and I’m not motivated to write them. (I will though, because I’ve been reading some pretty great books…they just won’t be out for a while.)

Then I came across this challenge on tumblr. And since I’m rereading the series this summer and do not want to simply make reviews of them (because, seriously, all I’d be doing is praising them and that’s just boring to read), I decided I take the challenge on.

Want to join me? Here are the questions (after some serious editing because, come on, it’s tumblr):

Day 1 Your favourite book?
Day 2 Your favourite movie?
Day 3 Is there anything in the film adaptations that annoyed you?
Day 4 Least Favourite Female Character
Day 5 Favourite Male Character and Why?
Day 6 Which house would you want to be in?
Day 7 Favourite female character and why?
Day 8 What’s your favourite lesson from the series?
Day 9 Who’s your least favourite male character and why?
Day 10 Horcruxes or Hallows?
Day 11 Which character would you say you are most like?
Day 12 Favourite ship?
Day 13 Your least favourite movie?
Day 14 Team Voldermort or Team Harry? Under what circumstances would you join Team Voldemort? (Changed because who the heck is going to pick Voldemort?)
Day 15 Pick three characters to be your best friends at Hogwarts?
Day 16 Expecto patronum! What form does you patronus take and why? (Recommended to me by RavenclawSam and mohiletanvi92)
Day 17 Favourite Harry Potter fan adaptation?
Day 18 Least fave book?
Day 19 Do you prefer the books or films?
Day 20 If you got to meet one member of the cast, who would it be?
Day 21 Pick one character to bring back from the dead.
Day 22 Would you rather read only Harry Potter for the rest of your life or never know it existed?
Day 23 Which scene (book or movie) made you cry the hardest?
Day 24 Which scene did wish was filmed, but wasn’t?
Day 25 Nineteen years later. Are you happy how it turned out, or do you wish something was different?
Day 26 If you could be able to work one spell without a wand what would it be?
Day 27 Would you rather own The Invisibility Cloak, The Resurrection Stone or The Elder Wand? If you had to take a piece of your soul and place it in an inanimate object, which do you choose? (Because basically everyone already answered this question on Day 10.)
Day 28 Do you listen to Wizard Wrock? What do you think about it?
Day 29 Did you enjoy A Very Potter Musical?
Day 30 What affect has Harry Potter made on your life? How much does it mean to you?

I’ll be starting the challenge on our favourite wizard’s birthday, July 31st. This is short notice, I know, but I’m posting the questions anyways. Let me know in the comment if you want to join me!

20 thoughts on “The Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge (aka How to Come Back From a Hiatus)”

  1. Okay now I’m siriusly considering starting this challenge.
    Especially since I was stumped as to what I should do for JKR’s birthday this year (It’s also my 2nd blogiversary!) and this sounds like the best thing ever.
    I do hope I start and actually complete it! I’m so excited!!!

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  2. This is a great idea! I am so going to do this too! It’ll give me something to write about and well, its Harry Potter. What better reason can there be to take up the challenge?


  3. I love this idea and cannot wait to read all your answers. I would join but I already have a lot of blog stuff going on throughout August and I think adding more will just be too much. I am looking forward to reading all of yours though 🙂 – and welcome back after your hiatus 🙂


    1. It’s never too late for Harry Potter! (Just ask JK Rowling, the new play is coming out next year!) I’ve actually finished the challenge, along with a bunch of other bloggers, but feel free to do it too. There’s no real date assigned to it…I just arbitrarily picked the month of August. I’d love to see your answers 🙂

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