The Playlist | Mirrorball by Young The Giant

So…there’s a new Young the Giant song.

For those of you who don’t know, Young the Giant is probably  definitely my favourite band. I don’t dislike any of their songs. Their lyrics are always poetic and full of meaning, and their sound is a sort of rock-funk-beach that I can’t get enough of.

So naturally, with the discovery of their latest release, Mirrorball, I was ecstatic.

Living in the past
Time is lost
I know I have made mistakes
Hiding in the dark.
The world is small through my mirrorball.

I’m not even fully sure what the song is about. Though I like the idea of the mirrorball—the idea that each person sees the world in a warped, indirect way.

And I like that about Young the Giant’s music. It makes me think about what I’m listening to, instead of just being background noise. It forces me to stop and listen.

But when I just need something to tune out to, they also are perfect. With awesome guitar riffs and amazing vocals, I can get lost in it. And “Mirrorball” is definitely one of those.


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