IMR | A Slight Obsession With Web Series

A long time ago I wrote a post about The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a web series based on the classic, Pride and Prejudice. (And frankly, if you don’t know about either of these, then you need to read the book and watch the web series, right now.)

Produced by Hank Green (one half of the awesome vlogbrothers) and directed by Bernie Su, not to mention winner of a freaking Emmy, LBD is a fantastic modernization of Austen’s novel. The idea is that the storytelling spans Youtube videos, twitter accounts, and other forms of social media. I’ve only ever watched the videos, but they are the bare minimum and more than sufficient to tell the story.

What’s so great about web series adaptations of classics is that they get really creative with the change in media: how a novel becomes short serial videos. How to improve upon character development. How to slip in the best references to other adaptations and the original source material.

Point is, it’s sort of started a new obsession for me. And, to convince you that you should start this obsession too, here are some web series that I recommend, with the episodes showing my favourite adaptations of iconic scenes. (So, hopefully no spoilers, unless you haven’t reas the books yet.)

First is Frankenstein MD, which is absolutely fantastic (and my favourite classic novel ever). Here’s the birth of the monster:

The March Family Letters  is an adaptation of Little Women, and is still on going (which is absolutely maddening). My favourite episode so far is Amy’s path to redemption after destroying Jo’s work:

Then there’s Green Gables Fables, an adaptation of LM Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. Here’s Anne retelling the classic carrots scene:

And Green Gables Fables exists in the same universe as In Earnest, a modernization of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. My favourite episode has to be “Muffins”. (Algy is the best.)

And my latest in this line of obsessions is Nothing Much To Do, a modernization of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. I’m particularly fond of this one because the acting is so natural and the characters are so funny. And while Benedick and Beatrice’s banter is some of the best this series has to offer, my favourite episode is Balthazar’s rendition of the play’s song, “Sigh Not So”:

And the best part? Nothing Much To Do has a sequel coming up: Lovely Little Losers. Based on Shakespeare’s Love’s Labours Lost, it starts next month, and I’m excited for it, because this trailer exists:


And that sums up the webseries adaptations that I’ve watched. Let me know in comments which webseries you’ve watched and let me know of any you recommend!


2 thoughts on “IMR | A Slight Obsession With Web Series”

  1. I love LBD so much. I want to try the Anne of Green Gables adaption, but I’m a little wary because I love the book so much. Is it relatively faithful, would you say?


    1. It’s been a while since I read the novel but I did enjoy the series. I have to say that the actress for Anne portrays her quite well: a little dramatic a times, and always genuine.

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